Starting a new Skincare Routine*

Skincare. It’s not something that’s ever been my strong point. I have never been one to cleanse, moisturize, tone and more. I just felt like it was a faff not bothering with. And yet, whilst I edge closer to my 30s, I realise my skin isn’t that of a hormonal teenager and just my skin.

In recent months, I have been more determined that EVER to get my skin under control. After years of trying prescribed medication, I have took it upon myself to do the best I can to get clean and clear skin.

I have altered my diet and purchased a completely new, and unknown skincare routine in the bid to get a better looking skin with or without make-up! I’ve even nabbed some gorgeous beauty products to help me overhaul my skin once and for all. Here’s what I’m using, and how I am getting on 5 days in!

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Mario Badescu – Essentials Kit – £32

I took a great deal of time researching and asking lots of you for advice for what you find works on acne prone skin.

When looking for a quick fix on a bout of spots on my chin a week or so before my wedding, lots of you pointed me towards the infamous Drying lotion. I was a little nervous, and a cash stricken and didn’t opt for the unknown.

Having been several months further down the line, I decided to take the plunge a purchase a whole Mario Badescu kit that raved improvement on any skin type, including acne prone, combination skin! YAYYYY!

The fabulous essentials kit includes that infamous dying lotion, as well as – Silver Powder, Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, Flower & Tonic Mask and the Enzyme Cleansing Gel.

I have used everything within my new routine, along with Ordinary’s Moisturiser with great results.

I find the Drying Lotion works really well to combat spots, even the hidden, under the skin ones! Yes, it stings a little upon application, but it very quickly dries and works well with even the smallest of applications.

The real WOW product I have found so far is the Silver powder! It’s true magic and have completely reduced my pores and my blackheads in just one application. I honestly can’t get over it!

I will say, with everything, it seems to make your skin slightly worse, especially after the drying lotion, but it will get better. Whilst it feels like it’s progressing my spots, they are in no way as bad as they usually would be and disappear as quickly as they arrive!

Velvet make-up storage and illuminating mirror

The best bit? My new, amazing skincare routine I seemed to have fallen in love with, has pride of place in my top compartment of my vanity case! With the purposeful dividers, every aspect of my routine has it’s own space. Plus, I have space for my make-up for when I chose to wear it!

I even have a gorgeous, LED lit mirror which nicely shows all my imperfections, but allows me to work on my skin easily. With it’s easy touch on and off button, it makes applying the Drying Lotion so easy. My husband has even been using to it to trim those stray hairs from his beard!

Both were kindly gifted by Beautify, just in time for my new skincare rituals. I cannot wait to take the case away with me on my summer travels!

Shop your perfect beauty case and mirror on Beautify.

Whilst this is the first of many skincare posts, I have already found huge confidence in taking control and trying new things when it comes to my skin. Having only used for a matter of days, I am so excited to see how much impact these products have on my skin, and my confidence!

What skincare products do you use? Do you want to see more of my skin journey? Catch me on the gram for regular story updates!