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I haven’t done a clothing wishlist in monthsssss and partly due to my current shopping hautius. But with a summer holiday booking immanent, and the Summer weather already arriving ( thanks climate change ), I believe I have good reason to update and overhaul my Spring / Summer capsule wardrobe too! I’m proud to see some of the autumn styles being donned, with a spring summer twist, so without further ado, let’s delve into my SS19 style wishlist, perfect for early autumn ’19 too!

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What I want to add

There are many things I want to add into my wardrobe this season, including more jumpsuits and midi skirts. Ooooh and more dresses too! With a new season comes new prints, and of course styles and this year I am all about effortless and maximizing the outfits I can get out of one item.

This season I really want to up my capsule wardrobe with items that can be dressed up, and down for spring / summer. Denim Boiler suits and midi skirts that can be paired with both heels and trainers are a must this season.

Vibrant colours and prints are too, and with me starting to feel more comfortable styling skirts, I am looking to widen the skirts available in my wardrobe. Polka dot’s is the print I really want to embrace this season. With some many gorgeous products available for SS19 with polka, I am sooo keen to embrace and incorporate into my capsule wardrobe. Polka is sooo easy to dress up and down for work and play!

What I want to update

Jumpers may not be your first thought for Spring / Summer, although I love a gorgeous, light weight jumper that can be worn over t-shirts, or with skirts and shorts. Perfect for summer holidays and evening’s out when it can get a little chilly. Orrr you want to hide terrible tan lines!

I’ve been searching ready for summer and found some gorgeous light weight pieces. I’ve found so many including on Kenzo! Be sure to check out the range of Kenzo jumpers on

Dresses are needed for summer and I am on the look out to update casual and dressy numbers too. I hope to have lots of Summer evenings planned so pretty floral numbers, or multi-functional dresses, suitable for both work and play is ideal.

I loveeee the idea of a long sleeve dress, that will be perfect for Spring, and protecting arms for the sun too.

Spotlight – Blazer

My spotlight this season is for sure the blazer. Much like I am styling in the above snaps. I loveee how many are styling the blazer already and can only see it growing in popularity as we ekk into Spring Summer. It’s so versatile and is the perfect capsule wardrobe staple.

I really want to grab a few more, especially in neutral tones, to style with midi skirts, dresses and even shorts during the summer.

That’s pretty much it for what I am looking out for, and purchasing this season. For once, I am looking forward to summer, and shopping for the season!

What will you be styling this SS19? Anything you think I need to add into my wardrobe? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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