Style your bedside. What’s on mine!*

Who can live without a bedside table with all the necessities? I would argue whether your bedroom would be complete without a side table to dump your phone and midnight flask of milk. It’s your space to offload your life justtt before bed. And for some, including me, it’s where you keep all your pants and socks in easy access for late morning wake-ups! In the draws of course.

But, what makes the perfect bedside table and what needs to be within easy reach morning and night?

How can you style a cluttered bedside?

I have all the answers below.

What’s on mine?

I tendddd to change my bedside pretty regularly and with the seasons. I like to swap and change my favorite scented candles, and I love a good tray to keep my rings from rolling away.

I like to play with colours and often snazz up the shades I use throughout spring / summer. Once it edged towards Valentines Day, I started to really push pink into the room!

Some gorgeous blooms do make their way onto my bedside too, especially some scented ones. Artificial, for me, is best.

Something that never changes on my bedside table is a picture. Whilst for some time I didn’t have one, since quickly printing and framing a image from our wedding day, it now doesn’t feel or look right without it.

Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, I do try and be practical. Glasses, hand cream and alarm clock is always somewhere, and phone charger and ipad are discreetly tucked between my bed and bedside table. I like to have a coaster ( like Monica , every glass needs one ), so my midnight drink has a home too!

Styling yours

Rule number one, when it comes to your bedside is be practical. All the rest will come, but first and foremost make sure it works for you.

If you have lots of gadgets you need to charge throughout the night, or like to home beside your bed, consider a nifty charging dock. Many sit pretty on your bedside and can house multiple devices, as well as hide unsightly cables.

All those other little bits, like hand cream, glasses, sleep mask or whatever, need to have somewhere too. Trays are a great idea to keep everything within one confinement, and will you give you some free table top space.

Once you have the base, now it’s time to faff, And by faff, I mean add some pretty things that make, a rather needed and often cluttered space, organised and aesthetically pleasing.

Use artificial flowers, candles and pictures in frames to make your bedside space more attractive.

If you want to upgrade your bedside table, shop with Furniture Village for a stunning range of classic and modern designs!

What’s on your bedside table?

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