The perfect flowers to gift this Valentines Day*

Flowers are a must on Valentines Day. Nothing says I love you quiet like a big bunch of Roses. The kind that look utterly perfect. Although, it can be tough to find the perfect bunch, and pretty pricey too!

You may not have considered it, but artificial flowers are a great alternative, and will be life lasting too! I was very kindly gifted this stunning hat box filled with artificial, Pink roses by Ruby Roses Flowers, to celebrate Valentines Day!

This stunning arrangement is just £23, and honestly I am stunned at the quality. The flowers, which are foam, look gorgeous and are finished off nicely with a little sparkle. Using glitter and diamantes, this arrangement is sure to be a centerpiece and sparkle, wherever used!

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So, why buy artificial?

Whilst real flowers are stunning and fragrant, they don’t tend to last too long. Choosing an artificial bunch this Valentines will make sure your flowers last as long as your love ( corny AF, but had to! )

Ruby Roses Flowers offers a hugeeee range of Hatbox arrangements, including vibrant and romantic Red Roses in gorgeous black boxes. Starting at just £12.00, it’s never been easier, or more budget friendly to treat your special person to some gorgeous roses!

So, whether you want to point your man to some lifelong roses, or treat yourself to some ever lasting blooms, be sure to check out the gorgeous arrangements on Ruby Roses Flowers now.

Shop Ruby Roses Flowers on Etsy, and visit her social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook too!

Do you get flowers for Valentines?

How would you like some lifelong ones this year? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.