14 Days to a tidy home – #vonhauscleaningchallenge*

Who wants a clean, tidy home in 14 days with little to no effort required? DON’T WE ALL! Sorry, I’m not about to take down your home address and come and clean, but I am going to get you involved and motivated to do a little every day to organise and clean your home in 14 days!!

I have been very kindly invited to join in on the #vonhauscleaningchallenge to share with you, how you can get your home organised little by little. And you’ll be surprised at how easy, non intrusive it is on your current day by day routine!

So, who’s ready for one small task a day to get your home in tip top condition?

Don’t worry, there’s no mammoth tasks here!

Below, you’ll find a really handy table to follow, and the day by day activities. Nothing should take you longer than 30mins a day and it’s advised to get rid of 3 things from your home everyday.

By the end of the challenge, you would have binned 42 items that need be in your home, and successfully cluttered your home, without having to dedicate days to the occasion.

So, pin this post, save in your bookmarks, whatever it may be, just follow along and get organised.

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Day 1: Sort through all the bins in your house and get your recycling separated!

Day 2: Wipe down your kitchen units and steam the cooker tops.

Day 3: Empty and clean fridge freezer – don’t forget the kitchen cupboards!

Day 4: Vacuum day. Focus on the floors, give all the rooms in your house a good vacuum.

Day 5: Continue vacuuming. Move your furniture get those hard to reach areas.

Day 6: Clean the windows – inside and out!

Day 7: Wash the curtains and wipe down the blinds!

Day 8: Take everything off the sideboard, shelves and get dusting! You’re half way there, whose home is feeling fresh?

Day 9: Get your bedding, blankets and cushions washed – who doesn’t love fresh bedding?!

Day 10: Time to focus on your wardrobes. Clear out any old clothing (be ruthless), reorganise and wipe down any shelves and doors.

Day 11: Remove wrinkles from clothing, curtains and upholstery with the VonHaus Steam Cleaner.

Day 12: Rinse down your shower, shower screen and/or bath – don’t worry there’ll be time for a soak at the end!

Day 13: Let’s mop. Antibacterial your floors and wipe down your tiles.

Day 14: Finally take a trip to the tip! Declutter your home from unwanted clothes, items or food and take it to the tip, food bank or local charity shop.

I have been very kindly gifted a hoover for this challenge, and along the way, I myself will be sharing my efforts on my Instagram stories. Once completed, I’ll share a full review of the hoover and how I myself have got on with the challenge.

Be sure to share your own efforts so I can include it in my final post!

Happy cleaning!