A Sunny Sunday in Brighton

This won’t be a long one I promise, it’s just some insight into our glorious weekend exploring our local city. I took some pretty snaps so I wanted to share in a little diary style post.

Happy Spring – because I can officially say that!

The first full weekend of spring saw some productivity, as well as some much needed rest, chill and sunshine on our cheeks. We headed to Brighton on Sunday to enjoy arguably the best Sunday of the whole year – weather wise of course, us brits always bang on about weather!

Having been fairly long distant from Brighton for a fair while ( aside for the quick pit stops for blogging events ) I was rather excited to play tourist in the city. Under the glorious sunshine, we wandered Churchill Square, grabbed a coffee and mooched the infamous Brighton lanes.

It wasn’t long before we needed a pit stop and caught a bite to eat in our new favorite Italian restaurant – Ask Italian. They had a beautiful terrace where we could enjoy the fresh spring air.

After filling our bellies, we walked it off down the beach. It’s been a while since wandering the seafront of Brighton. It holds mostly redundant drunk memories of 18 year old Charlotte staggering out of Coalition heading towards the night bus on a Student Thursday night. It was rather lovely to experience it several years later, through sober eyes and on a day of glorious sunshine.

We maundered our way back to the station before taking just a 15min train journey home. I forget how close we really are to Brighton and so often I avoid it at all costs. It really has the hustle and bustle of a city and yet the shoreline and stunning array of quirky shops is what I always forget rather than remember. Safe to say, me and the hubby fell in love with Brighton this weekend. I’m sure we will be going back fairly sharpish.

Where’s your nearest city? What did you get up to the first weekend of spring? I love catching your thoughts so be sure to leave them in the comment section below.

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