Blog Post necessities – How many are you missing?

As we blog more and more, we all find things that we cannot do without when it comes to creating our content. Whether it be an engaging image, the killer format that makes readers stay on the page, or related content peppered throughout. There are things we all make sure we are doing to create success.

But along the way, many of us may have forgot some of the most simple and fundamental aspects of creating and publishing a blog post. And whilst we many not think it matters, it most certainly does!

Time and time again I see blog posts lacking some of the most simple, and impacting aspects, and it’s upsetting to see.

Here’s some of the simple, and effective checkpoints we should all be doing just before we hit publish.


I have read so many posts which DON’T include a category! And it’s a huge bug bear of mine.

We all have menus which include main categories, so make use of that feature. Be sure to categorise your posts effectively so new readers can find relevant posts.

Edit the post link

If you’re like me, chances are you’ve changed and adapted your blog post title NUMEROUS times, and most of the time, this doesn’t change the link.

Be sure to check and even change that link. Making them short and punchy will make it much easier to locate and will boost SEO.

Tip : Make sure your keyword is in the link!

Link to your other posts too

Do you know how important it is to link to your other, super relevant posts? Keep your readers on your blog as long as possible and direct them to other posts that they’ll be interested in too.

Having that ‘you may like…’ tab at the bottom isn’t enough.

Tag as much as possible

Tags may not seem that important, but many readers will search via keyword. Ensuring all your posts have relevant tags will help you blogs search-ability.

Plus, that lil tab below your post with the ‘you may like’ runs via tags and categories. Keep your reader via relative content being mentioned at the end.

Format the page

We all know blogging is about the content, but not if you haven’t formatted the page to support your banging content!

It’s well worth spending time just before hitting publish to format your post effectively. Use different widgets to make it easy to read and engaging.

Tip : Use formats similar to this if creating a tip based post. WordPress now gives you so much creative freedom to play around with format. Take some time trying new blog post layouts to find the best to suit you, your audience and your content.

Include images

This may seem a little obvious but many only include imagery for the purpose of their home page.

But it’s super important to include imagery through your post. It creates relevance and can break up what may seem a very wordy piece.

Many readers will take one look at a long arse post and avoid. Deceive them, break up their attention with aesthetically pleasing imagery.

Remember, there are lots of places to find stock free imagery if you struggle to create your own.

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Use Headings

Headings are pillars in your blog post. They are lines of information telling the reader, and search engines, what the next paragraph of the post is about. Essentially, they are titles for each part of your blog post.

You really should be using these as much as possible. They create a structure to your post, make it easy to read and boost seo. Luckily for you, I’ve written a whole blog post about headings. Read it below.

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