Natural Products: Why They’re Better For You & The Environment*

We may not reach for the more natural alternative, but they can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health, and health of the environment.
Natural products are great for taking care of your body and mental well being. They’re even kinder to the environment too.

When on the search for new products, whatever it may be, I tend to hit the web and search for the best product possible. I’ll keep my eye out for those famous brands that offer results and the amazing transformations individuals have experienced. I want that success, whether it be for a new skincare product, cleaning agent or hair repair serum.

And yet sometimes, these products aren’t the best for the environment, nor us!

Popular products on the market from those big brands can be packed with unnatural ingredients that could, in fact, have the opposite effect than what is desired.

It can be hard to deviate away from those household names and firm favs, even if the more natural alternative it is better for you. But what if I told you that making that much needed change could be the positive move you needed.

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Here are a few ways natural products can positively impact your life:

Positive impact on mental & physical health.

Using natural products and even healthier foods can have a huge impact on your mental and physical health. Consider the natural aspects you put into your body, as well as around it too. Skincare, cleaning agents and hair care can all have an impact on overall mental and physical health. Natural ingredients can relieve pain, aid healing and naturally clean without being to harsh on skin or materials.

And we’re not just talking skincare. Think natural oils. In fact, despite the controversy around CBD oil, for example, it’s actually a naturally calming substance and has been proven to lessen the symptoms of a range of mental and physical illnesses. Natural fragrances, such as lavender in a product, have natural calming effects too, which can help with a better night’s sleep.  

Kinder to your skin

Products which include more natural ingredients are always going to be kinder to your skin. Chemical-filled products can strip away your skin’s natural oils, drying out your skin, or even make it more oily as your skin tries to recover.

Consider looking at the natural ingredients of your current product and search a more natural alternative. Many skin conditions, like acne, do require acids to combat breakouts, but some less harsh alternatives may just do the same work.

Less of an irritant

The chemicals and ingredients in some products may irritate the skin or even flare up an unknown allergic reaction. If you’re prone to allergies, you should naturally always check what the products you use have in them. However, by using natural products, you can be confident that any chance of a reaction is reduced dramatically.  

They can work better

Using natural ingredients packed products can work better against skin irritation, cleaning and hair damage.

Using things like lemon juice can be more cleaning and fragrant across your home and have none of the harsh chemicals that can be found in household detergents.

Better for the overall environment

The chemicals in some products can be harsh on the environment; not only the products themselves, but the way they’re manufactured too.

The chemicals that go into the manufacturing process are also pumped into the air and into water, causing more pollution than you originally thought from a single batch of an unnatural product. 

Natural products take away this unnatural manufacturing process.  They’re manufactured organically, meaning the pollution of water and air is very slim.

Going natural can play a huge impact on how products work for you, and the impact you play on the environment being a consumer. Consider going as natural as possible to play an important role in combating worldwide damage.

Do you use natural products where possible? Have any tips that would be useful for this post? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

**This post was in collaboration with the Natural Hemp Co., UK-based providers of CBD oil and products. For more information about what they offer, visit their website: 

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