Falling in love with the Midi Skirt

It’s not often that I jump on here and chat fashion. I loveeeee clothing and I have been on a little spending ban as of late. Partly because I don’t need any more ruddy clothes and can pretty much shop my current wardrobe and partly because I hateeee shopping! ( The sizing is always wrong and I feel like nothing ever looks right ).

And yet, here I am expressing my admiration towards my new favourite wardrobe staple. Yes staple because everyone needs one if they don’t already.

The midi skirt.

If you’ve been following some of the instagram’s fashion guru’s like Take Heart and Maria J, you will know how effortless, chic and gorgeous a good midi skirt can be. Whether you dress it up with a pair of heels, or dress down with you’r favorite trainers and leather jacket ( like I have nicely done in this snap ), they look simply stunning.

I was always a little dubious of a midi skirt. I have tried some in the past and thanks to my ‘curves’ I felt I looked wayyy larger than I was.

And yet the fashion world has created a range of stunning midi skirts like the gorgeous Missguided edition that flows, skims over curves and suits me, the size 12-14 UK Girl who tends to wear jeans and sometimes a denim skirt.

I urge any women who hasn’t tried, to try a bloody midi skirt. I was pleasantly surprised and honestly fallen in love with my new Spring Summer Staple, the midi skirt.

Pssst. Whilst this one is no longer on sale, here’s some other gorgeous midi skirts to try!