Give yourself a mental re-charge…Here’s how!

Are we all flanking and eager for that long weekend of Easter? I believe so. It’s usually this time of year we all start to wonder for holiday breaks, and long weekends without too much to worry about.

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Get moving

Whether it be with a Yoga class, a run around the pond or a short walk around the block, get as active as possible. Grabbing some time outside of home and the office can help hugely when wanting to relax your mind and take a mental break. Consider making these short bursts of exercise a regular thing if you find the need to re-charge often.

At home Spa Night

It neither has to be hard work or expensive to give yourself the spa treatment from the comfort of your own home. Grab some skincare, a new shade of nail varnish and stick on some trashy chick-flick. Run a bath and take some time out for you and your body. Oh, and don’t have your phone in reach!

Have a good book on hand

Because having somewhere to escape from reality even for 10 minutes or two can be the quick re-charge you need daily. Are you a commuter? Swap the ‘gram feed for a new book. You’ll feel so much better for it.

Step away from electronics

As much as possible and even during your work day. Computers and gadgets are notorious for overloading our mind and whilst we may believe scrolling through the ‘gram is a break, it’s not. Go digital free at lunch and take a mental break whenever possible from the digital world.

Relax on the social front

Sometimes I feel really snowed under with work and maintaining relationships. Whether it be with your best pals or your significant other, take a break and manage you week wisely. Having free evenings for you to just mong on the couch might just be what you need.

Be kind on yourself

Don’t try and do too much, be in too many places or over commit. Know your limits and work within them. Over exerting yourself in anything is a great way to run yourself down into the ground. Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break.

This weekend I had a majorrrrr weekend rush. Saturday entailed business meetings and the evening was not much simpler. Having had a busy Saturday, I gave myself a mental re-charge in Brighton. I took in the sea air and just enjoyed the weather. Remember, a mental re-charge can be something for you. I love exploring, being outside and shopping. So we did a mix of that along with some good food. I felt truly refreshed going into the new week thanks to it.

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Do you need a mental re-charge? How will you be re-charging your batteries? Share your thoughts in the comment section below. I love hearing your thoughts.