How to avoid Troublesome Tyres When Driving Up north

Scotland has some of the trickiest roads to drive on in the whole country. The large number of mountain passes and the numerous twisting country lanes mean that the wear and tear on your car’s tyres can be immense.

However, it is not just on exposed land in the Highlands that your tyres will suffer. You can expect just the same treatment from potholes and speed bumps in places like Glasgow and Edinburgh. The city streets in Scotland are just as bad as anything you might find in Manchester, Birmingham or London, for example. Indeed, in some neighborhoods, it is even worse with congested traffic adding to the pressure that your tyres will come under.

So, how do you avoid problems? I’ve collated together some tyre checkpoints before venturing anywhere long distant and rural like Scotland.

Keep Your Tyres Pumped

If you run around on partially flat tyres then they won’t perform as well. Not only do they increase the likelihood of skidding or spinning out of control, but flatter tyres also wear down quicker. Don’t over-inflate your tyres, however, since this can also cause problems of premature wear when you are driving about.

Tip : Head to a petrol station. Most if not all have tyre pressure facilities. The inside of your passenger door will have a guideline on the pressure your tyres should be pumped at. Petrol station facilities allow you to set the pressure you desire and alert you when you’re there.

Check Your Tread Depth 

If your tyres are wearing down because of the extra abrasion they get on Scottish roads, then you must make sure they are not illegal. By using a twenty pence coin, you can tell if your tread is sufficiently deep. Insert one into the tyres’ grooves. If the rim of the coin disappears from view, then the tread should be legal to drive on. If not, then change your tyres immediately.
You can get your tyres in the locality of Glasgow from the Point S website. 

Back Off From the Car In Front 

By simply giving more space when you are driving on Scottish streets, you will be able to come off your accelerator rather than apply the brake. Not only will this mean you brake pads are preserved but it will help to maintain your tyres for longer. It is a simple measure that more drivers should adopt.

Whether you are travelling or not, its well worth keeping an eye on your tyres monthly, where ever you drive. As we all well know, our roads are littered with potholes, and one to many bumps can cause serious damage to your tyres and car.

How often do you check your tyres? Are they in need for checking? Don’t delay and check today!