Social media : How Often should I be posting?

Am I posting too often? Am I not posting enough? Am I pissing people off? Oh god, am I annoying?

All questions I have asked myself over the last 8 years when it comes to social media and self promoting my content. Whilst I would love to give you a black and white answer to this question, I’m going to give you some advice and knowledge into the social media schedule I have curated.

My top tip, before getting into it would be don’t be scared to fail. Gaining followers, rising engagement levels and achieving regular views and visits is a hard ball to juggle. We all make mistakes and you will make some. Experimenting and trying is what will help you create your very own recipe of online success.

I receive regular engagement and views from my social media blasts and despite experimenting and making changes previously, I have found the perfect mixture for me.

Here’s some of the things you should try and work with when it comes to mastering your own social media schedule.

Bear in mind the platform

This is a really important factor. All social media accounts result in views to your blog ultimately, but some social media accounts more than others.

I have found that some social media channels are just best as a insight to me and my blog, and others are best to use for link sharing and gaining traffic to new and old content.

Hand on heart, I rarely view a blog post via Instagram and I am much more inclined to read posts and visit sites through twitter. It’s much easier to navigate, and I am much more aware of content that I may not be in-tuned with ( via blog rt accounts and mentions / comments from other bloggers ).

Use this indicator of your own social media habits to establish, what and when should be shared on your profiles.

Be Personal too

Whilst we want to promote and draw in views and engagement, it’s really important to be personal and engage too.

Commenting on Insta posts, RT’ing something you find funny, and tweeting other things besides your latest post is a great way to get away with posting regularly, and keep your social media engaging.

Don’t be shy

When starting out, I never self promoted my content. It’s such a shame as I had quality content that wasn’t being read!

Being a blogger is all about self-promoting and drawing new views and visitors. If you are shy around friends and family, create blog social media channels.

This was the best thing I did for my blog and has allowed me to share everything I create without worry of embarrassment.

The stats say it all

Social media is fantastic for giving you a real insight on the impact posts are making. You can monitor engagement ad growth among other key indicators.

I was worried beyond belief that I was over doing the amount of plugging and mentions I was doing on my social media channels. It wasn’t until I dropped my schedule and lowered the amount of shares that I truly realised the positive impact it was having.

Keep an eye on your stats as you experiment with your schedule. Don’t be scared to reverse your update and focus on what you want to achieve. If regular tweets gain traffic, keep it going.

What do I do….

Instagram :
As a general rule of thumb, I use Instagram to be a visual insight to my life as a blogger and rarely mention blog posts. If I do, it’s via captions on a post and via my stories. I don’t yet have the swipe up function (*cry*) and until I do, I’m reluctant to share too much on Instagram as it’s annoying to navigate as a user.

Instagram posts : 1 A day
Stories : Not often enough! 1 a week if that!

This is something I have chopped and changed so often. I was particularly worried of being spammy, but I have found a schedule that works with me and my followers.

Tweets a day : 8 a day – varying with new and achieved posts

Okay, I do not share on there as much as I could, although many bloggers have found Facebook to be redundant with their blog. I understand why, but I try and share if I can.

Facebook posts : 1 every 2 days

My biggest advice…, create a balance. Social media is there to engage and be social. If looking to promote as much as possible, be sure to be personal too. Creating the perfect schedule for your blog is all in the balance.

How often do you post on social media? What have you found when engaging on social media? Any advice?
Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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