Social media Scheduling : My top tips

I might be stating the obvious here, but scheduling your content is vital. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as hitting publish and watching the views roll on in. It takes further work and commitment to get the right people to see the content you worked around the clock to create.

When I first started blogging, I hated self-promotion. I honestly thought people would just find it, like it, share it and keep coming back. That is far from the truth.

Social media scheduling is a art form in itself and is hard to master. It’s a constant learning curve and can feel challenging on where to start. Over the last 8 years, I have created my own way to tackle social media scheduling.

Here’s what I have learned so far.

Use a scheduler

When promoting content, the biggest tool is a social media scheduler. Many are free, but I would highly advise paying a little monthly if you would like to schedule multiple tweets, facebook posts and even instagram uploads for weeks at a time.

I currently use Buffer which allows me to schedule tweets & instagram posts for months at a time.

Schedule social media blasts whilst scheduling blog posts

For most of us, the work stops as soon as we hit either publish or schedule on our upcoming blog post. And yet we shouldn’t stop there. This is a great time to schedule our blog promotions for all social media channels. Your post is fresh in your mind, and you have great energy to create unique multiple social media posts.

Strike whilst the irons hot!

Dedicate 2 hours a week

Diarise a slot each week where you sit down and commit to scheduling. Sitting down and committing to social media, I find, the most productive way for me to track current stats and work on my social media profiles.

During the week, I can be run off my feet with my full-time job and blog posts. Knowing my social media is all scheduled gives me peace of mind and time to focus on other parts of being a blogger.

Post your promotions at different times of the day

My social media schedule varies dependent on the platform I am using. It’s one I have experimented with and harnessed over the years. Many bloggers post more or less than me and it’s all dependent on what works for you.

When scheduling social media for your new post, be sure to schedule at different times of the day to capture different audiences.

Social media scheduling is time consuming, but well worth the effort. With out it, your hard work and creativity is being missed. Grab views and visitors where ever possible and schedule!

Are you looking to branch into social media? Not sure where to start or the best platforms to engage on for your business? Get in touch! I can help set-up and manage social media channels and ensure updated content is being regularly shared and engaged with.

Do you have any tips for devising a workable schedule? How do you schedule your channels?

Be sure to share thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

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