Using Essential Oil Difusers to sleep better*

I have been struggling in recent weeks. I have felt beyond tired and yet I have struggled to feel comfy and settled when jumping into bed.
I have done everything possible to make sleeping that little bit easier. Banned TV in the bedroom, curbed the phone use and even changed bedding. And yet nothing has worked as well as essential oils.

Yes, essential oils lady and gentleman! I was kindly gifted a gorgeous difuser for Christmas and have since been hooked. It came with one Lavender scent and after a week or so I had just about had enough.

After some research I discovered various oils that could help with so many things, including sleep. Blended Valley kindly sent me a gorgeous array of Aromatherapy oils to try in my difuser and would hopefully help.

This gorgeous aromatherapy gift set is packed with 4 naturally blended essential oils all contributing to better lifestyle.

What’s included

Concentration oil – which will help concentration, focus, alertness and cognition.

I’ve even had a good blogging session or two at the weekends after using the concentration oil.

Energy oil – Use this oil to fight stress and fatigue, invigorate your mind and body, and relieve tiredness as well as lighten your mood.

This has been super helpful when battling fatigue from bad sleep. Or just feeling flat out from work.

Sleep oil – This is the oil to help aid better sleep, rest and relaxation.

Truly has helped settle me into a better nights sleep.

Relaxation oil – Use for relaxation and stress relief. Can also help before bed as a sleeping agent and mood lifter.

I’ve used this oil particularly after a hard day at work, or a tiring week. It certainly puts me into a better mindset for an evening or start of the weekend.

How to use

I have placed my difuser on my bedside table. I find it the best place for when using sleep aiding oils, and I often blog from my bed too. You can obviously place your difuser where ever you see fit across your home and use multiple if wanting to achieve a scent throughout your home.

What’s even better, these oils don’t have to be used in a difuser, and can be used in reed difusers and even applied to sleep masks, pillowcases and crystals

I find the difuser I have the easiest. It even has a light which again can aid sleeping. It’s super quiet and has various settings for constant or intermittent misting. You can shop my difuser here.

Using the essential oils is pretty simple too. Just add a couple of drops to water to create the perfect balance and scent. Change the water regularly

The verdict…..

Having used each and every one, I have truly felt the positive effects of using such oils throughout various stages of my day.

The Sleep oil being the most dramatic and helpful oil of the set. It truly has helped me settle better at night, and create a truly inviting, yet calming place to sleep.

If you are looking to create a more calming vibe and considering a more natural and herbal alternative, I couldn’t recommend a difuser and Blended Valley Oils more.

The scents are fabulous and the effects transforming to your day. My husband is even a fan and often asks me to turn ours on before bed!

Do you use Essential oils in your home? Would you consider a difuser?

Let me know in the comment section below and share your thoughts!

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