Why you should be using headings in your posts, and how to!

You may not consider it, but using headings is one of the most useful things you can use throughout a blog post. It offers a lot to your readers, as well as search engines too. We all know how important SEO ranking is, as well as enticing and maintaining readership, so this tip based post is not to be missed.

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So, what are headings?

Headings are pillars in your blog post. They are lines of information telling the reader, and search engines, what the next paragraph of the post is about. Essentially, they are titles for each part of your blog post.

As a potential reader, many of us will skim and browse posts often. We will, without consciously realizing, look out for important and highlighted aspects to understand whether this information is relevant to us. Hence, titles being pretty important in a post as they are true indicators of your post content.

Why should I be using them?

You really should be using headings in every post possible. They will help you create easy to read, engaging and well organised content that will be easily recognised by search engines. Here’s some of the main reasons you should be incorporating headings into every content piece you publish,

Help divide your post in easy, bite sized chunks of info

No one likes looking at one, undivided chunk of writing. It’s boring and not enticing what so ever. Even if the subject is mega interesting orrr informative.

As a reader, If you are looking for informative pieces of content, one that is well divided with helpful headings and paragraphs is much more appealing.

Do your readers a favour and use headings throughout posts to guide readers to the most important factors of the post and entice them to posts that look useful and worth the read.

Using headings simplifies the reading process as much as possible. Remember, readers are usually lazy!

They’re super helpful for you as the author

Just like writing an essay, headings are a great nudge on topic and what YOU should be covering. Using headings throughout the blog drafting stage is a great way to keep on topic and will ensure you cover all the basics.

How do I use headings properly?

You’ve realised how bloody vital headings should be so you want to use them in every post? GREAT! But wait, there are do’s and don’ts with everything, including headings in blog posts.

Make sure your post supports headings

A good heading makes sense in the blog post. Using headings un-necessarily and willy nilly will just make the overall appearance and flow of your post clunky and un-readable.

Try and use headings in blog posts, but if the content and nature of the post doesn’t support them, than it’s okay.

Keep it varied

In the works and phrases used within headings and at the start of new paragraphs. There is nothing worse, as a reader, to read repetitive phrases and words when looking for nuggets of information.

Use keywords

I have been rambling on about keywords fairly recently and with good reason. Keywords are vital to boosting SEO, so make sure those all important keywords are used in your headings too.

Hopefully, this information packed post has helped you realise, or at least nudge you into using and utilizing headings for your own blog posts.

Do you use headings in your blog posts? Has this post helped you? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below!