End your workday successfully – 4 Things to do in the last 15mins

The last 15 minutes of any working day is tough mudder. I am pretty sure they are the slowest 15 minutes in the universe and it sometimes seems impossible to reach the end.Alas, the end arrives and we all head off for an evening of content. Truth is, we mostly waste those precious minutes daydreaming of the home cooked meal or the latest episode of GOT that we just cannot wait to catch up on.

And yet, the most successful of us use those last 15 mins to get ahead and finish the day successfully!!

So how can you transform those last minutes of the working day into a productive splurge?

Here’s how.


This is the perfectttt time to chat non-work to your colleagues, and can help hugely with building those inner office relationships. Discuss the telly you might watch, the recipe you tried last night or the pub you’re heading to to unwind.

Plan the morning

Mornings can be the most productive part of your working day, especially if you get yourself organised. Spend the last 15 minutes of your current working day, planning out what needs to be tackled first thing the following.

Focusing on what needs to be done tomorrow can help hugely mentally when arriving the following day to work. You can get in and hit the ground running and help with at home stress.

Clear your inbox

Everyone of us tend to start a working day opening our emails and realizing there are plenty to tend to before even starting workload. Make the most of the last 15 minutes and tend to those ones you just hadn’t got round to replying to.

Tying up lose ends like this at the end of the day can really help you feel fully accomplished at the end of work.

Draw a line

This is so important to really make the most of your evenings, and not become too involved within work whilst at home.

Draw that line on your work and realise there is nothing more to be done this side of the next day. Not drawing this line can make the last minutes of your working day within the office less productive since you’re resigned to the fact you’ll probably be doing more work when you get home!

There is nothing worse than feeling like the latter parts of a working day have been fruitless. Be productive and on course for a fabulous working week in the office by starting some of these productive habits every day!

Do you do anything specific in the last 15 minutes of your working day? Anything I should add to this small checklist? Start some natter in the comment section below.