Spring Interiors – Bringing the outdoors in

When the sun is shining and the evenings are long and bright, it can feel like you’re being lazy by staying in, at home, in the comfort of your lounge. So how can you feel just a little bit better about lounging inside? Bringing the outside in. I’ve grabbed together some of the most stunning home pieces available, and some ideas on how you can bring the outside into your home.

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Go Faux

If you are anything like me, you’ll be known to kill plants at unknowing speed. Faux flowers and greenery is certainly the way to go, especially when wanting to bring some colour, nature and of course the outdoors, into your home.

With many high street retailers, including Ikea and The Range offering a fantastic range of faux flowers and greenery, it’s never been easier, or cheaper to bring the outdoors in, artificially!

Ensure light is coming in

It’s not as easy as building or installing some new windows ( although this certainly is an option if you are looking to remodel ), but there are some small tricks to be had in flooding some more light into your space.

Consider swapping your curtains for blinds, as curtains can block light entering the room during the day.
Using blinds can open the space around the window and in turn flood more light into your room.

Use mirrors across your home to reflect the natural light you do have. Placing mirrors opposite natural light will bounce and reflect your space. This is a great way to invite the outside into your home, especially when you may be lacking multiple windows to do so.

Don’t block out light you do have, with furniture.
It’s really easy to block light you do have, with clunky furniture. Try and avoid placing large pieces of furniture in the way of natural light. Keeping windows clear of clutter and furniture will make the outdoors feel more of part in your home.

Use Natural Materials

Using more naturally pleasing materials throughout your home can certainly bring the outdoors into your space. What’s more, natural materials can make your home feel more organic and more relaxing.

On trend this season are wicker chairs, natural weave baskets and beech wood. Using these materials can really help your home feel apart of the outdoors, as well as create a on trend, relaxing environment.

Paint with Natural colours

When wanting your home to feel more natural, relaxing and part of the outdoors, play with more naturally pleasing tones and colours. Using soft greens, blues and creams to gain a more outdoorsy, airy feel to your home.

If you really want a home that is in sync with every room, be sure to paint each with contrasting but palette complimenting tones and colours.

Spring is the perfect time to re-vamp your home, and create a calming, yet warming space to relax and enjoy the upcoming warm weather and lighter evenings.

Hopefully, this little post has helped you spring into life, bring the outdoors in and create a home that oozes natural surroundings.

Will you be bringing some of the outdoors into your home? Has this post helped give you some homely ideas? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.