SS19 Interior Trends – What to look out for & incorporate to your home

Spring, for most of us, is the time of year we all fancy a home shake up. Tidy the home, move things around, even take on small or big, home DIYs we have been mulling over since Winter began. Yes, Spring is the time many of us tackle our home and make improvements. And perfectly so. I do like to transform my colour palette just a little to make way for the sunnier, brighter and warmer tones that come with Spring Summer.

But what’s on trend this year? Here’s some of the interior trends you should look out for and use through your home.

Sustainability – Less is more

It’s never been more on trend than to be sustainable. With many of us being more conscious of our impact on the environment through the items we buy. Whether it be our food choice, clothes purchases and even our home upgrades. This season, well this year, will see a huge surge in homeowners being more conscious with the spaces they are creating and the items they purchase to create the perfect space.

Less is defiantly more, and with minimal colour and multiple tonnes, sustainability is certainly a trend you want to sport this season.

Here’s some sub categories falling under sustainability you should consider when upgrading your home decor.

Serine Scandi

This is an updated look with lots of emphasis on texture and pattern. This the perfect styled back look that can create a space oozing with effortless style and truly inviting. If you are looking for a serine space with relaxation the key, this is just the style you want to nab this season.

Consider creating your own texture through the use of homemade cushion covers and recycled textures. Don’t be shy to embrace natural wood neither because……

Room for Wellbeing

All Natural – Light wood is back!

Yes, you heard right, light natural wood is on the comeback and that’s thanks to many of us wanting to create that open, airy and bright space similar to sustainable homes.

Ash, bleached wood is a great material to incorporate into your home this season.

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Neptune Home
Room for Flexibility

Modern country style

This isn’t the first year this style has been back around, yet this year does seem the turning point. With retailers like Neptune and Next all offering stunning ranges of Modern Country, it’s the perfect style to incorporate in any home needing a refresh and one that is timeless.

I love modern country pieces. Painted cladding is a perfect alternative if wanting to add some character into your room, and looks stunning in dining areas and bedrooms.

Other modern style accents include the following….

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Floral Prints

Its never been more modern nor timeless to decorate with floral prints. Keep it subtle with pops of floral patterns on cushions and soft furnishings. Prints in slimline frames is another great way to inject some floral fusion without being too empowering.

Huxley Painted Ladder Shelves
Next Home
Painted Huxley Nest Of 3 Tables
Next Home

Painted Wood

Painted wood furniture is bang on trend and suitable for any home and space needing some timeless furniture. If you’re looking to upgrade your tatty or cheap pieces and want something that will last nor age, painted wood furniture is just your style.

High street stores like Next , Neptune home and Dunelm offer stunning pieces suitable to any budget. The best part of painted wood? You can look to alter the colour years down the line by painting yourself.

Subtle Tropical

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Lloyd Sideboard
Next Home
Lloyd Tall Shelf
Next Home

This is a trend we all need to embrace, especially for Spring / Summer. We’ve seen a huge increase in palm leaf prints and tropical injections of colour over the last year or two. This year it’s been toned down, and I’m all here for it.

The gorgeous fusion of subtle colours, leafy prints and softer hues make this a stunning look to incorporate this season. You could even inject this look into your patio area of conservatory for a updated spark of summer.

These are just some of the trends that you should consider for your home this Spring / Summer. As you can see, just sprucing up some cushions to a more on trend colour or pattern, or investing in furniture pieces that will withstand any change in trend is just what you may need this summer for your home.

What trends are you interested in? Are you investing in your home this spring / summer? As always, let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.