Stop being Unrelatable – An open letter to Bloggers, Influencers and Instagrammers

BEFORE anyone claims this is a jealous ridden post – piss off, and read before you claim judgement. This is just a very honest and true representation on how I feel being a blogger, in the ever growing, changing and evolving world of bloggers, influencers and instagrammers.

Hi Hello, it me, that blogger that tweeted ‘the realest tweet yet‘. Excuse me whilst I roll around in my five minute twitter fame.

Only joking.

Honestly I am shook that I got as many likes, RTs and support for this random tweet that I discussed with myself Sunday evening.

Because whilst the like and RT count continues to grow hourly, there seems to be this silent agreement, that whilst may of us believe this statement to be true, we continue to involve, engage and ultimately buy into the lives of those very bloggers and influencers that do these things.

All the whilst they built their little empire off being a relatable, honest and just an all round average person, like you and me.

So where did it go so wrong?
How is it impacting the current blogging sphere?
Why do we feel we should be silent on these things and continue to follow and support those that promote completely unrelatable products, ideals and lifestyles?

Because we feel we have to. We feel like we should be supportive because after all, they started off just like us and built what they have from their own hard work and dedication. We as a community like to support one another as much as possible, even if it means buying their over priced, below average products! ( Aren’t we all so kind ).

And yes, all this is true. There is no taking away from the fact they have worked hard and created a huge pool of loyal followers. We all know too well how hard it is to create a following online.

But, hard work aside, their evolving persona is far from the one we all enjoyed enough in the first place to click that follow button. And whilst we do enjoy being nosey, I can’t help but feel their space within my online bubble is disappearing. And many others as the replies I have received from that tweet.

Do I like that image featuring a £2000 watch which has been tagged and mentioned in the caption because I want that watch, I need that watch and it’s within budget? Or do I just like it because its ascetically pleasing and been put together, by no doubt, a paid photographer on a rather expensive camera?

All in all, I’m rather disappointed with the way things go when influencers/ bloggers and those alike reach the 100k follower mark ( or so it seems atleast ).

They have completely lost their integrity. They have valiantly climbed the ladder to success and along the way sacrificed everything they built it on in the first place. Gone are the advice panels, the genuine nature of content and low quality basic iPhone snaps and stories.

Whilst we love watching our favorites gain success from something we have always seen and admired before, but do we at the cost of that content? I don’t think so.

It’s damaging our community

My mum made a comment not too long ago that blogging is basically a place for bloggers. Only bloggers engage with content. And unfortunately that is pretty true. Whilst I would like to believe a non blogger who is searching for online advise, or looking to spruce up their home may stumble onto my blog, the majority of those that do are bloggers themselves.

Most BLOGGERS read and engage with the ‘huge’ ones. Watch them, look up to them, thrive to create content like theirs. So where does that lead us?

To a community that believes success is driven by high end products, studio worthy equipment and multiple press trips and/or exotic holidays. Not forgetting the six figure bank balance needed to purchase the pinterest worthy home of course.

But was their following built on that basis?

NO! Whilst the success has grown, the target audience hasn’t.

Be more Mrs Hinch

In a world full of Zoella’s there are exceptions. We all know of Mrs Hinch, and love her or hate her, she has been bloody brilliant at showcasing a positive impact on social media channels, and being true to who you are.

Growing a hinch army of over 2million, she has shown that even with a influx of followers and a growing audience, your true self doesn’t have to alter, nor does that of your target audience.

To this day, I haven’t been influenced by Mrs Hinch to purchase expensive, high end products. And for someone who has built her empire and undoubtedly experienced hefty offers to promote products to her now huge fan base, she has stayed true to everything she has stood for since the beginning. There’s still plenty of eBay bargains and Zoflora updates to be found even after 2million new followers.

So what’s my point?

Don’t be ashamed, nor guilty at now clicking that unfollow button. Content is contentiously changing, and so is what you want to engage with! We as a community have no obligation to like every post that lands on our feed by that top blogger. Nor do we have to agree with their change in standards and what they are prepared to promote and put their name against in aid for more cash.

I for one have de-cluttered my social media channels from the unrealistic ideals of the elite bloggers / instagrammers and influencers. Never would I ever spend a months worth of mortgage payments on skincare, and even if I did, I wouldn’t expect my tens of thousands of followers to relate to it neither.

Everyone is entitled to spend their cash however they please. Heck many would probably roll their eyes at the amount of money I spend on Chocolate. But, at the expense of a following and target audience who themselves cannot live a lifestyle of is utterly ridiculous.

And I finally feel, with over 800 likes and climbing, we have gained the courage to distance ourselves from those that are no longer relevant, relatable or honestly of any interest.

To those elite bloggers, influencers and instagrammers,
Remember who you are reaching. Remember who helped you to the top of your ladder. Not everything is about the price tag attached to them, and neither is the unlimited access to opportunities. Integrity and relatability goes a long way in this business.

What’s your thoughts? Do you agree? Disagree? Start some natter or join the discussion on my Twitter page now.

ps. thanks for sticking with me on this pretty lengthy post – I’ve been dying to post this one and the surge in support from the tweet has helped hugely!