Going Green this summer. Things to change at home, and in the office!

** This is a collaborative post.

Great news – we seem to be hearing more and more about Green living, climate change and what we can do to help our world fight back.

We’ve all heard, Britain announced a state of emergency against Climate change in recent weeks and honestly, it’s the best thing the government seems to have done in months, possibly years. It’s been something many of us have been aware of, but possibly turned a blind eye to in recent times. But as we all become more and more aware of the plastic use and negative effect we are having on our planet, we all seem to be waking up in terms of climate change and reversing some of the damage.

The great news is, we still have time to make a change and positively impact the earth and the current global warming crisis. Whilst it would be easy to believe little old you can’t make an impact, it couldn’t be further from the truth!

We can all take small steps in trying to reduce our footprint on the world, whether it would be in our home or workplace. With a lil help from Seareach, I have gathered lots of hints and tips on how you can positively help in the reversal of climate change and global warming!

Going Paperless

Yes, we have all been asked by our banks, mortgage supplier and even our council to curb the paper and use online data and logins better.
And for good reason. Taking these small steps and using our online resources to access personal data, and even data in the workplace accounts can hugely reduce paper use and in turn the impact on our forest areas.

Solar panels

Creating and using green energy and heating systems can have a huge impact on your green footprint. Cutting down on the energy you use, and switching to climate friendly alternatives like solar panels is a great long term switch that can save you thousands of pounds and reduce your individual impact on the climate.

Business’ and homes are already taking forward steps by installing and using solar paneling.

Tip: If solar panels for your entire house is out of bounds, you can always purchase solar panel’s on a smaller scale. Using solar garden lights will help reduce energy used in your garden.

Cycle or public transport

Opting for greener transport modes like bicycles and even public transport can help reduce pollution and get you on the right path health and fitness wise.
If your workplace is lacking in a bike rack, consider raising with your HR department. With many government initiatives available, it’s now easier to purchase a bike for the use of getting to and from work.

Work a fair distance from home? Consider swapping some of the days you drive for public transport. Just doing this twice a week can help reduce your carbon footprint from lowering the pollution you emit.

Tip : Most organisations will help with the cost of purchasing a bike. Enquire with your workplace to see if they are involved.

Labelled waste bins – Suitable for recycling

Simply labeling your waste bins, or having the segregation, and home and in the workplace can encourage you and others to recycle. Having clear, concise instructions make it far easier to follow and understand. Recycle everything and anything you can.

LED bulbs

Did you know, LED bulbs use less energy and much more efficient! Using LEDs rather than halogen bulbs can save you a huge 75% on energy!
Making the switch where possible will not only save on your energy bills, but help create a more sustainable planet.

Use tap and reusable bottles

Whilst many of us already grab a reusable bottle and fill with tap water, some don’t. Using tap water and refillable bottles can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic waste from the bottles you won’t be buying, and wasting! Plus you save some cash too!
Consider having a re-usable bottle in your bag for work and when you’re out and about.

Don’t forget, having a re-usable flask will save you money too, especially in starbucks!

Motion triggered lighting / timers

Another great way to unsure your lighting is less harmful to the environment is to make them more efficient. Using motion detectors and timers can help reduce the amount of time they are on, without being used effectively.

Implement more nature

Bringing the outdoors into your home or work space will not only make the space look and feel calmer, but help produce and regulate oxygen.

So hopefully, this has helped you all see a way we can all help reduce our effect on our planet, whatever small or large change you make in your home or workplace.

Have you made any changes to your routine or home / work space? Anything that should be added to my help list? As always, I love hearing your thoughts, so share yours in the comment section below.