The Summer’19 Bucket list

There is nothing better than a well spent summer. And whilst we would all love a 6 week hiatus from work, its just not viable ( for most of us, unless your a teacher, like my husband – jammy! ). So what’s the solution? Get as much as possible rammed into time off and good old British summer time. As we teeter on the edge of summer, here’s a bunch of ideas for you, a full time worker with limited time off in the summer, to make the most of it as much as possible.

Lunch breaks in the park

If you’re a office worker like me, its easy to feel like you’re missing the bulk of the weather behind your computer screen and under artificial lighting. The BEST way to feel like you are getting some outside time in the heat is venture as much as possible in your lunch. Go for a walk, head into town and tick some chores off, or just grab a book and nestle under a tree in the park. Whatever it may be, spend your lunches out of the office and under the sun.

After work walks

Maybe you’re not lucky enough to get out of the office in the middle of the day. So more reason to get out after clock off. Switch out from the drags of work, grab some flip flops and take a walk. The evenings are long, and often cooler. Make the most of them, get some exercise and breath in the summer air.

Or just make the most of the weekday evenings

You’re bound to feel like your missing out on summer if you’re not taking full advantage of the long evenings. Just because it’s a school night doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the warmer weather. Get organised with dinner and venture out in the evenings. Much like above, get out of the house in the evenings and your working day will feel longer, in a good way!

Book off the bank holiday

We are soooo lucky to have Bank Holidays in the UK. Although we could all do with more – am I right? The best part of a BH is the fact you could have 4 days off consecutively at the price of 1 annual leave day! Do yourself a favor this summer and book that Friday off too. Get away, go to Thorpe Park, or make use of the last hurrah of the sunshine back home.

Schedule your weekends

When you only have the weekends available, you really don’t want to waste them! Schedule your summer weekends as best as possible. Plan gatherings, BBQs, day outs, weekends away. Having your weekends carefully planned will certainly make you feel like you’re taking advantage of the summer months.

Make the most of Fridays

Friday evenings are the perfect evening to catch up with friends, hit the beer garden for dinner and even get away locally. Truly make the most of your Friday evenings and you will not only make your weekend feel longer, but make better use of the warmer weather!

Plan a staycation

Be a little more economical and stay in the UK this summer. If last summer was anything to go by, we are in for a treat sunshine and heat wise. Keeping it in the UK can help with budget and means you need not venture too far or for too long to start a holiday.

Hopefully these tips have given you some inspiration on how you can truly make the most of the UK summer, even if you are working 9-5pm.

Will you be doing any of these this summer? What are your summer plans? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!