Our Open Plan Living Space progression

If you’ve seen some of my recent home updates post, then you will know we are overhauling our rather large, open plan living space. We have been in our property for a little over 3 years and have been fairly reluctant to put our own stamp on the place. Mainly because we have sodding high ceilings. But after consideration and realizing we will be staying put for a couple more years yet, we decided to put our stamp on!

We are now roughly 5 weeks into the progress, of which we started with our seating booth. We also had a window of opportunity, being the school half term, so leapt into the painting. We knew it would be a big job, and considering we had a line to create around the room for our border, it was going to be a fiddly one too.

I had just started the edging here. Hubby can’t do it so it’s my responsibilty.
This was after the 1st coat. As you can see it really did need another coat!

Having said that, we seemed to tackle the whole job easier and quicker than anticipated. We cracked on Monday evening and within 24 hours we had all walls painted, TWICE over!

To say we are thrilled with the outcome would be understating it. To over haul a blank and pretty bland room with colour, and a on trend but complementing one at that has made such a huge difference to our space. Since getting such great results from our own painting, we have now painted other parts of our home, and plan to crack on with the rest.

We had such a bad experience painting our bedroom, since our ceilings are soo high and we didn’t choose high-quality paint. We were alway dubous to carry on with the apartment and fooled ourselves into believeing the white was better for the space. But since we lowered the hight ( by adding a picture rail ) we tackled and conquered the walls and injected the much needed colour our apartment was craving!

Dulux – English Mist 2

My decorating top tips:

– Always prep first!
– Use old sheets and cover every aspect of your home.
– Sand your surface. This makes a huge difference on the wall texture and helps your new colour bond with the wall.
– Always do a second coat – it can bring out the colour!
– Buy HIGH QUALITY paint! Cheapy alternatives never give you the right finish and always end up taking more coats and hard work!

PSA: Please IGNORE the state of the room in these photos. NOT insta worthy and not how the room will be staying. Just look at the paint lol. A full reveal will be coming on my instagram and blog in due course!