Band or DJ – What to consider when planning Wedding Entertainment

So you’re coming through planning. Chances are you’ve got your venue secured and save the dates sent!
Caters are sorted and photographer briefed.

Now comes the tricky part of entertainment? There seems to be this unwritten rule of modern weddings that guests need to be entertained – like their a fidgeting toddler.
Lawn games, mini golf, photo-booths, music, magicians, Ice cream vans and even bouncy castles. The possibilities and opportunity to entertain your guests are endless, and costly.

The first and foremost entertainment needed for any wedding, and branded a necessity is the music. What is a party without music? And some say a wedding is just a massive party, so the music has got to be good right?

So that makes a tough decision of whether you hire a Band or a DJ. Some hate DJ’s, and some dislike live music. I’ll take you through a couple of things of what to consider if you’re struggling on what choose for your special day.

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Who are your guests? 

Silly question really but one to consider. Whilst its not at all about everyone else, you don’t want a rock band if the majority of your guests hate rock and prefer soul. There is nothing worse than paying for music, and no one is even up there dancing.

Consider the age of your guests, and the music that will get them up and moving. Tie it in with music you prefer and you’ll have a happy medium. Bands tend to work better if you are looking at a variety of music of all generations, that can get your mum and Nan up and dancing through the evening.

What atmosphere are you after? 

Whether you are looking for a more relaxed evening of slow dances and swaying, or a jump around 90’s disco feel, will all depend on the best option for music. DJ’s tend to be more suited if you really want to vary the music, suit all tastes, and even let your quests choose some tracks.

Bands work much better if you want a upbeat and everyone involved atmosphere. Bands can play music new and old but guaranteed to suit all tastes. They can also create a atmosphere where music is more of a focus, with in between sets a break for guests and the band!


And of course its cost. DJ’s tend to be cheaper, and can cover the music you want much more easily than that of a band. Tight on budget and a DJ is the way to go. Want to splurge a little, than consider seriously the atmosphere a live band can create. Find a band that will cover a variant of music to suit all tastes, including your own, and you’ll be sorted.

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There is never a wrong decision when it comes to your music. It’s all dependent on Budget and atmosphere of the day. It’s always nice to have a live band, who can play music in between sets, to have a best of both worlds. Of course, a DJ is much less hassle, and you can have more control over performance and track list. You could even do your own playlist and avoid hiring someone in all together.

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