Books to pack for your Summer Holiday

I’ve been on a very recent book binge in the last couple of weeks. Whether that’s down to the fact Black Mirror seems very real and I want to distance myself from my phone as much as possible, and read a book instead, is completely plausible.
You may be a binge reader, a steady flow kinda gal or just a ‘read a book on holiday’ read kinda person, there’s no judgement here. Just some good old recommendations of some books I’ve loved recently and you should pack for your pending summer holibobs. Or just buy and read before bed because that’s good too.

Read : Koh Samui – The true Paradise of Thailand

The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Buy : For just £4.26 on Amazon

I had heard and seen sooooo many good things about this book, so when I finished the ones I already had stock piled, this was for sure the next on my list. I have always found the Holocaust a must know more topic, so this book is something I would hate to miss.

Plot: Lale is taken to Auschwitz as a Jew. He volunteered on the impression that the rest of his family would be safe. Upon arrival he is abused by the SS and thrown into hard labour with little to no food. Becoming weaker, he works on tattooing new arrivals to the biggest concentration camp of jews.

I really would hate to give much else away, but it’s heart wrenching and utterly soul destroying to read and immerse yourself into the real story of Lale. Grab your tissues, you’re gonnah need them.

You’ll like this one if you enjoy : Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

The Couple Next Door

Buy : For just £4.26 on Amazon

This was the book that I got gifted for Christmas and eventually picked up in June. Alas, it was the read that got me out of my funk and I finished, happily, in a week. Good going for a full time, evening blogger, netflix binger.

Plot: Very, very Madeline McCann esque. New parents attended a dinner party at their neighbours next door.But when they return, the baby is gone from her crib.

This twisty, turner of a read will have you guessing till your blue in the face. Thrilling and completely enthralling novel is certainly one to pick up for your lay by the pool read this summer.

You’ll like this one if you enjoy : Girl on the train, Gone Girl.

An Unwanted Guest

Buy : For just £6.29 on Amazon

So the first book by Shari Lapena went down so well, I bought another in the hope I wouldn’t put that down neither. Honestly, I found this one a little slower than the Couple Next Door and it certainly dipped in the middle, but once I powered through, I stormed through the second half in one evening!

Plot : A picturesque, remote hotel is the perfect location for a relaxed, quiet weekend away. At least that’s what the guests of the Hotel believed . Suffering from a storm the hotel is in the complete dark and isolation. And then the first body is found.

As mentioned, it’s gripping, tense and a real roller coaster of who or what is killing! Highly recommend!

The Women in the window

Buy : For just £6.29 on Amazon

This was the latest read – and one I’m still indulging. If you haven’t already noticed, I do enjoy a thriller or two and this is another to add to my brood. I had been drawn to it’s unique take on a thriller, but it also feels alot like Girl on the train too.

Plot : Anna hasn’t left her home in 10 months. Her only grasp on the real world comes from her window, where she sits, watching her neighbors. She’s instantly drawn to her new neighbors, the Russells. But one evening, a scream rips across the silence, and Anna witnesses something horrifying.

I’m only partially through the book myself, but I’m already hooked. It’s pretty scary and completely immersive.

I have really jumped in with my reading this Summer, and I have so many still to read. I do enjoy a good page turner whilst on holiday – if not to distract from the heat. This small selection of my recent reads will do just that and keep you gripped. They’ve taken me back to a place where I love reading, and they will do just the same for you.

Do you take a good read on holiday with you? Any new reads you think I, or anyone else should try, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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