Boston : A travel guide

I’ve been so lucky to visit some, more than others, parts of the USA. Whilst my mind has been well made up whether I would even care to live there ( I would not encase you’re wondering ), it certainly is a great country to explore and experience many different states, cities and cultures. America certainly has a lot to offer.

My first visit to the pretty English district of New England was back in 2012. This again was a wider trip, in which was followed by a short stay in Salem, The Hamptons and then finally NYC.

If you are looking for a more relaxed approach when it comes to a city, and one steeped in history and stunning architecture, Boston needs to be on your bucket list. Here’s what I got up to on my quick trip to Boston.

The Aquarium & Whale watching

This was my sisters choice, since we were away for her birthday and damn she did good. We were so lucky to go whale watching from the harbour of Boston and we saw 3 humpback whales! Very Very rare and apparently the trips running days before ours had no luck in seeing any! If it’s in budget, and in season of course, try and get yourself on a whale watching excursion for sure!

After seeing the stunning whales we explored more marine life in the amazing aquarium. With a huge amount of exhibits including penguins and seals, it was a real highlight on our trip to Boston. A must visit if you are heading to the city with little ones.

The Boston Tea Party

Admittedly, we really didn’t have a clue what the Boston tea party was about, so the experience was most certainly educational for all of us involved. It was most certainly a hands on tour of the ships that would have been involved in the events all those years ago.

Hop on Hop off bus tour and duck tour

Is it even a traditional city break without using the pretty useful hop on hop off tours. I stand by the fact it the easiest and most educational way to experience a whole new city. With tour guides, different lines and every corner of the city covered, it’s a no brainer. We even opted for the add on of the duck tour too. It was a great addition and meant we could the city by water too.

Boston is most certainly a stunning, green oasis for a city. Upon reflection we managed to see much of the city on foot, as well as using the buses. Having visited in the height of summer, we had great weather on our side, but I would love to visit again in colder weather to experience a different side to the city.

My plans for our next visit :

Since it has been so long since I visited the city, and my husband is desperate to visit, I would defiantly refresh my mind across the whole city. I would most certainly take more pictures and look to watch a basketball match too. It’s such a stunning city with plenty to do, I have almost fallen back in love with the city through this travel guide.

We do plan to visit the city as soon as we can, and hopefully in basketball season so we can tick that off the husband’s bucket list too!

Have you ever been to Boston? Does it tickle your fancy? As always, leave your comments and thoughts in the comment section below!

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