Pulling myself out of the biggest blogging rut of all time

There’s no denying it here, I have been in the biggest blogging / creative rut of all time. I could solely blame it on the Instagram shit hole, or the fact I have been soooo busy sprucing up our home, or I could blame it on the lack of motivation. But I’ll use all 3, among other excuses as to why I really haven’t had my brain in the game.

The year started off soooo promisingly, but I have progressively started to analyse what I’m doing, where I’m going and what I really want to be on the internet for.

I love the blogging world and everything about it, but there seems to be something a little stale. We all seem to be churning out the same content, including instagram pictures. And whilst I could do just that, I’m a little bored of settling in among the same content. I’ve recently re-designed my blog page and have had so much fun creating a page that suits me, more than the average content feed of a current lifestyle blogger ( I don’t have a problem with it, just don’t want to feel like everyone else ).

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Market research

Even as a blogger, we should be consuming as much content as we dish out. Lately I have ramped up the amount of blogs, articles and content I digest. Even when you are at the height of your game, keeping within reading will help hone, develop and maintain your writing skill. It’s always given me inspiration to what I want to focus and develop in my own space.

Focused on what I want to achieve

It’s very easy to say you want to be successful, but what does it look like. To you of course, not anyone else. For me, its creating content that inspires or keeps people up to date. Whether that be with a new palette colour in my home, or the latest summer holiday we embarked on. I want every platform I engage on, to have it’s own purpose, which all funnels back to my main hub : the blog. For this, I have had to find a better direction on some platforms, and cease others too. For now, my instagram is still a hugeeee question mark. Im not completely happy with the content I have been creating and until I know what it is I want to provide, it’s taking a lil backseat.

Where are my passions?

My blogging agenda has changed so much and that’s okay. I want to really narrow down my coverage, instead of having my fingers in too many pies so to speak. If I look at how I started in the blogging sphere, I have come a long way, and covered many topics. Some have stuck, and some have not. Some that I always find solace in creating is home, travel and lifestyle content. I have really started to resonate that into the content I produce across all platforms and try to avoid topics that don’t sit within that content area.

Re-adjusting old content

I have had quiet a few hidden gems buried within years of content, some of which could do with a re-hash and re-format. Yes, ladies and gentleman, sifting through old content can be a great way to get you groove back, and make even your old content relevant. It’s given me plenty of content ideas going forward too.

Ditching the provided for content

I’m ashamed to admit that there was a time that I was publishing provided for content on my blog. These were always disclosed, and often filled the void where I was not creating myself, but having looked back I am gutted I did this. It wasn’t me creating the content and I have always prided this space as my own. I have since ditched all that content. Many I am creating into my own, and others were not worthy of a space on my site in the first place. This de-cluttering of content has really allowed me to focus on the content I am proud to include, and subjects that will encompass what I want to achieve.

Believing in myself

Its easy to start to doubt yourself, especially when you are having a hard time motivating yourself to create. But as I was re-reading old content, looking to my draft posts and scrolling back through my Instagram feed I realised this is just a blip. Everyone has blips of doubt, loss of creativity, loss of passion. It’s powering through it and getting better. I will get better at what I have created, just like I got a little worse more recently. I do have belief that I will find passion again and I will create just as good, if not better content than my peers.

Having value in what I have to provide

Along with believing in myself, I needed to have faith in the content I could provide, and it’s ultimate value. Whilst I believe I have always added value in the way of my blog posts, I will certainly be focusing more so than ever, the value each post has for my readers. As mentioned I want each post to inspire or educate my readers.

Thanks to a little mental re-charge, a re-focus on what I want from my slice of the internet and all of the above, I have re-ignited my enthusiasm and passion for my blog. Hopefully this post has helped anyone struggling to find their spark when it comes to their creative avenues, and showcased the fact everyone and anyone can lack in passion at the best of times.

How do you find passion when you’re lacking? Have any of these tips inspired you to re-focus your creative avenues? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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