How to Switch up your Instagram feed – for the better!

I’ve been working on my Instagram for a while now. From starting at my attitude towards the app, to now working on how I use the app, and what I see. Instagram, in the shortest form, is just like every other social media platform. Albeit, it’s the most popular ( right now ) and can have hugeeee potential for small business’, influencers and bloggers. Most of the brands we associate with have marketing being plugged via Instagram and influencers / bloggers so it’s no surprise we are all desperate to gain followers, likes and reach.

But instagram recently have decided to make a change, somewhere, and we have all been affected with the followers we do have being able to see our content organically. Hashtags are seeming useless and whatever time of the day you upload need matter anymore. Basically we are pretty f**ked and no one really knows how to get around this ‘new’ norm.

As I watched Vix Meldrew’s IGTV I was kicked into action so to speak, and rather than see this a negative ( it is, but what is moaning and sulking going to do about it). I decided to take it in my stride and do what I have needed to do for a fair while actually – shake up what I use the platform for, what I see and engage with and ultimately the content I produce!

But where to start? What to do first?

Where better to start than the content I SEE to spur me on to change and create content that works for me. Since joining the app many moons ago, the content I like to read, like and comment on has changed dramatically. I no longer really care for the latest lippie, nor do I really mind what the latest trend on the catwalk is. I much prefer lifestyle content, travel snaps and real chatty captions. Not forgetting the home porn of a nice velvet sofa either.

This is where I started to switch up my Instagram feed for the better.

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Un-followed the irrelevant

Okay, this is not mean – lets get that straight. As I said, our agendas change, and what we used to find interesting or something we wanted to know about may no longer apply. That’s okay. You’ve got to be cruel to be kind, and you would much prefer a follower count of interested, engaged followers wouldn’t you? You’re only do the same to the accounts you currently follow. Scroll through your feed, check your following list, whatever way you find easiest, un-follow the accounts that no longer spark your interest.

** Remember – you may have hashtags that you followed that too don’t spark interest – be sure to un-follow them aswell **

Muted the un-relatable

Sometimes un-following may not be something you want to do. Much rather, muting the un-relatable content may be better suited. I have done this for some of the bigger and pretty un-realtable content. I do like to comment and check in on what they are doing so un-following may not be the best course of action. Much rather I have muted their posts so I can have a feed full of more relatable content.

Cut the ads / branded content

Whilst I don’t actually mind sponsored posts on my feed, I don’t like the ad’s Instagram shove on my feed, if that makes any sense. So I tend to hide the ads, and even mute branded pages too. I like to follow such brands, but seeing their content on my feed stops me being able to see content I actually want to engage and be updated with.

Find other users of similar content

Sometimes you really need to find like minded accounts to spur on your own creativity. Using the discover aspect, or using hashtags that include your interests, find posts and content providers that are of interest. Often refreshing the accounts you do follow allows you to find and explore new accounts and content!

Change the hashtags you use

Attracting like minded followers comes from the hashtags you use, let alone the current accounts that do follow you. You *should* be mix matching the hashtags you use on your posts regularly anyway, but more so when looking for new followers. Use hashtag generators to find new and upcoming hashtags that have relevance.

Using this time in Instagram to switch things up, alter your agenda and change what you want from the app is the most beneficial way to use this downtime. As Vix says, you won’t be losing out on anything and if it goes tits up, you have the algorithm to blame.

Will you be using this time to switch things up? What will you be changing in your app whilst Instagram sorts itself out? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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