Unique ways to paint your walls!

We’ve been on a grand ‘ol mission to get our home bursting with colour. Having lived in a bland, new build home for over 3 years, we have been pretty eager to inject some flavor. We’ve managed to create our very own colour palette that works across our entire home, but deciding how we would get this colour into our space was a different question altogether. Just painting up and down is no longer a thing. Whilst carefully painted walls are beautiful, sometimes a little creativity can go a long way.

To give you some alternative ideas, here’s how too add some colour to your walls this SS19, without just painting your walls..


It’s classic and it will suit any home, especially those with classic features, or a traditional past. Paneling seems to be growing in popularity, and with many instagrammers taking the trend into their home, it’s bound to grow more so. I especially love the kind that doesn’t completely cover the wall, and creates a dual colour aspect into a space.

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Where to use paneling?

Don’t panic, you can pretty much use paneling in any space of your home. There is of course, the different type of paneling to consider to. I would suggest you think wisely on the ‘theme’ or feel you are trying to achieve. To add grandeur to a space, large square paneling may work better, especially in a living, or bedroom space. If you are looking to bring a farmhouse / rustic style into your home, tonge and groove paneling will be more ascetically pleasing and will work in any space including a bathroom.

Partly painted or 50/50

This is a style we have certainly adopted in our home, partly due to our ceiling height and wall size.

Partly painting your wall, or going for a half and half effect can help incorporate colour, without having to paint the entire wall. Plus, its a pretty modern take on the classic dado rail style all us grew up with our homes. Combining stunning shades, or being bold with contrasting colours using the partly painted effect

It doesn’t have to be exactly half….

Oh no, going for slated lines, a quarter height or even three quarter height can all have the same effect, and create a truly striking space.

You can add some picture rails

If you do want a classic, yet classy look, you may want to consider a picture rail. Whilst our parents may have donned the infamous dado rail, using one correctly can create a classic, rather traditional look.


This certainly is a little tricker than all the other paint styles, but if you get it right, it can create a gorgeous centrepiece in your space. I’ve seen lots of tutorials online and it seems fairly easy, but I just haven’t been brave enough to do it in our home yet.

There are so many ways you can paint your home. Being average may be easier and pretty safe, it can be more fun, daring and bold to incorporate different techniques in painting and using colour. We are so happy to have used some of these methods through our home. We have just a couple of spaces left to paint, but we already have so many exciting plans to incorporate more!

What would you consider creating in your home? Any of these ideas inspire you to be a little more creative? As always, be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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