Wedding Trends to consider : Centerpieces

Just like your home, Wedding’s go through various waves of trends and styles. Just look at your parents wedding and the puffy sleeves and tiaras for a little insight into previous trends and styles.

When planning your own special day, you will of course be looking at current and upcoming trends to incorporate into your spread. There will of course be some that you can’t avoid ( wedding dresses being one ) but many that you can handpick and make work for your day.

Centerpieces are a huge part of Wedding Decor and once again, something that swaps and changes with the wave of wedding trends. So what should you consider as the centerpiece of every table? Here’s some stunning ideas suitable for any wedding theme.

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Foliage and blooms

Is there anything more romantic than foliage and flowers used in centerpieces? The trend to have these as a centerpiece is forever strong, but there are plenty of ways to display these, other than in a simple vase. Here are a variety of ways to use this trend as your centerpiece.

Low level

One of the most popular options as it offers guests the perfect space to converse across the table and isn’t too imposing neither. With lots of options including gorgeous eucalyptus and vibrant blooms, this is certainly a safe option when it comes to decorating your tables.

Other ideas for low level centerpieces include using lanterns or candle holders. These are great ideas especially if wanting to add light to the table as well as a cosy, intimate feeling. If candles are banned in your venue, consider using electronic candles, which benefit from being only a click to turn on item!

Tall and appealing

Tall Centerpieces are a personal fav of mine. The create stunning space and decor high above and fill space that usually would be bare. They especially work when in high, open spaces like marquees and village halls. With many tall centerpieces, they can get in the way of guests conversing so do bare in mind if considering.

If you don’t want to clutter up the space too much, consider only having them present on select tables and have the other tables featuring low level, small centerpieces.

For Long tables

Many couples tend to avoid long tables as it’s often advised that it stops guests from conversing as they have limited guests surrounding them. Although, long tables can look very pretty, and allow many guests to be seated in a small area. If you are wondering the best decor for long tables it has to be long foliage littered with blooms of flowers. It leaves tables open but perfectly decorates the space.

There are so many different centerpiece ideas to consider – and I know it can be overwhelming. My key advice is to find a style that works with your venue, style and budget and stick with it. You could be forever changing your mind otherwise!

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