Arundel – A travel guide

When the bank holiday spells stella weather, and endless sunshine, what better than exploring somewhere new, and somewhere you’ve passed multiple times on the way to university.

I had managed to book 2 extra days off the last bank holiday, and I was determined to make it count. The first on our agenda – Arundel. A stunning town nestled in the South Downs of West Sussex, and somewhere I have passed on countless journeys to and from my university city of Southampton. Being just over an hour from home, we thought it only fitting we both finally experience the medieval town that we had always passed with intrigue.

Despite being just a town, Arundel offers plenty to keep you occupied and meander round, including quaint tea rooms, shops and festivals during the summer. It even has ample parking, neither to costly – just £5 for all day!

Arundel Cathedral

If you have ever passed the area, you are always drawn to the stunning Cathedral that overlooks the town. Perched atop the town, and steeped in stunning architecture, this was our first pit stop.

It’s worth noting, the cathedral is atop a pretty steep hill – and in the heat this was a challenge. But the view over the town was worth it, and the Cathedral itself made a nice respite from the heat.

Medieval Castle

You really can’t head to Arundel without stepping into the Castle grounds – and you know how much I love a Castle. However, we didn’t fancy a castle walk, and after considering the weather, we decided to stick to the outside spaces. You can purchase tickets to do the grounds and the castle, which works out at £22.00 per adult.

The castle looks spectacular, and I have never really seen a castle so grand when walking around the base. I was a little regretful we didn’t go inside, but it means we have a reason to go back!

Castle Gardens

On a stunning day like ours, the gardens were gorgeous – we generally felt like we were abroad. Beautifully tended, and with many open spaces, and almost Venetian sculptures, it was perfect on a hot day. I would highly recommend wandering the castle grounds. You even get some stunning views of the Cathedral through the gardens.

We of course wandered the picturesque streets of Arundel and stopped off for classic English tea including homemade scones and clotted cream, before heading home in the evening sunshine.

Our afternoon in Arundel was a great way to spend a bank holiday Friday. So, if you’re looking for somewhere offering English heritage, and history, make Arundel your next day trip destination.

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