Creating a bespoke seating area

First stage of our open plan living transformation complete!

It’s undoubtedly been a couple of months now since I shared our vision and ideas and the colour change for the transformation of our Open plan living space. We have been trying to create a home that has personality, flair and is more workable for us.

The first stage in all of our plans was, of course, the bespoke seating area or ‘booth’ as I keep referring to it as. The idea here was to create a more usable, but personalised area to the space we had. We have always struggled to find a space that is workable with our open living, and able to support a group of people eating and socialising together.

Our space was always competing with either being a big lounge area or workable dining corner. This idea came when we were discussing a new sofa ( since I find ours uncomfortable ). After deciding we wanted to completely over haul the space, we started to get to work. This was the first part of the whole process, but the amount of work it included means it’s actually been the longest to complete. We’ve already managed to completely decorate the space, and get some much needed blinds installed. But you’ll find that all out below…..

So, what was it like before?

Funnily enough, I didn’t have many pics of the before, and its probably because I wasn’t all that keen on the space. We had a rather small but cute 4 seating, round table. It was just about the right size for our room, but as you can imagine, didn’t seat many guests meaning I couldn’t be the hostess that I longed for. Once we got some colour into the room, we also realised it was a light brown that just didn’t have a place in our new colour scheme.

But Now……

After wanting a much bigger table that offered the longed-for farmhouse style complete with bench, we decided to go for a seating area that would house our table and offer plenty of seating too. The bonus here is that we have used the rather awkward corner, and given ourselves some much needed storage aswell!

Thankfully we have a hugely talented carpenter in the family who could create just what we were looking for. It’s modern yet classic and has some character to. The booth was completed a couple of weeks ago, but it took a fair while for us to sand, fill and paint the seating area. We ummed and ahhed for a while too, whether we were going to complete it with wax. Unfortunately, we didn’t like the finish on a small patch, resulting in another repaint, so we have decided to stick with the chalky paint finish.

We are so impressed with the finish and we now have a table to compliment it too! This has been a complete working process but it’s all finally coming together.

So what next?

Furniture. Thankfully we have been on the ordering process since hubby has a solid 6 weeks off to take deliveries and build. I have openly expressed my dislike to these poxy couches. They are cheap, nasty and at just 3 years old, I am disgusted at the state of them – never shopping with DFS again! Or Dodgy furniture store as I now refer it as.

We will also be looking to add some padding to the booth to make it a more comfortable space to eat and relax in. I’m also on the lookout for some new table wear for my stunning table. Now I have plenty of space to house dinner guests, I want some stella dinner wear and serve wear too!

There’s plenty for me to update you on, and whilst this isn’t the finished article, I want to take you through the whole process, including the not so instagram worthy snaps too! I’m so excited to style my new eating area, so be sure to keep in touch to catch that too.

How do you like the booth?
What else do you want to see of my home?
As always leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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