How we all need to find a balance in life.

Let’s be honest, life is a balancing act. Work, social, hobbies, love, friends, fitness, health, home. We are all juggling everything that comes with a 21st-century lifestyle. And yet its a struggle for many of us.

But how? How do you travel the world, climb the property ladder, create an inviting home, maintain your girl group and keep your body the healthiest it can be?

Of course, I’m here to offer you some advice but I will say, it’s not easy, and honestly it’s not completely possible. It’s a working process. But it’s necessary. Because when we have a sustainable social life, happy home environment and a job that keeps us happily on our toes, we as a human are complete. We have needs to socialise with friends, have a warming environment to relax in, and hours in the day that don’t result in us wanting to pull our hair out, most of the time anyway. If you want to create a *perfectly* balance in life, scroll on down. These small changes will help you mold a complimenting

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Make a home you can truly unwind in

Part of having a balance is having somewhere to relax in comfortably. A great place to start is your home. Make sure it’s everything you need for a base that will offer comfort, security and relaxation. Even making small changes like better bedding, cosy cushions, blankets and candles can make the world of difference in your home space. You may even want to consider reading more about Hygge and how you can implement across your home.

Book off breaks throughout the year

Whilst it would be awfully nice to have a solid 3 weeks off, it’s best to divide your time wisely across the year. Taking long weekends during bank holidays and refraining from booking more than a week off in one go will give you more holiday allowance to spread. I try and have some time off, other than weekends, every 2 months. It can be that nice breather for a chill day, or a nice short break to a UK hotspot.

Make time for others

It’s oddly relaxing just chilling with friends and even family members. Whether you venture outside the house, or buckle down at home with a Chinese, make sure you are making time for others. We are social beings and whilst we may not always feel up to being social, it can have a great positive impact on our mood.

Enjoy your day job.

We don’t all love our day job, me included. It wasn’t what I studied and gained a 50k loan for, but it pays the bills, gives me a stress free 9-5 day and is a pretty good company to be involved in and work for. Even though the job isn’t the dream, I make it enjoyable. I socialise with colleagues, maintain a level head and always take humor into the meeting room. For some, it’s what you make it. Making those 9-5 hours a little more enjoyable

Find a side hustle that ignites passion.

If work isn’t the fire in your belly, and for some of us it’s to pay the bills, have your side hustle getting you firey. Whether it’s a weekly dance class, yoga session, blogging interest, cinema membership…pretty much anything. Have something outside of your working life that gives you pasion, or has you excited to be involved in.

Schedule date nights – or nights in with your boo and Netflix.

Remember to ditch the phone and choose a movie, or series to binge – your choice. You may even want to ditch the cooking too. Grab a take-away or even a shove in the oven meal assemble. Scheduling this time to take a media detox and spend time together will surely keep you and boo joined, especially after a busy working week.

Grab a book, or even play a game.

Stepping aside from social media, switching off from your workload and doing something offline, or even relieving like playing a game can hugely help reduce stress. Daily chores and workloads can be boring, mind fizzling and not our idea of fun. Immersing yourself into a game, or escaping into a book is just what you need on a regular occurrence.

Venture out after work

Creating a life outside of work is what balance is centered around. And whilst many of us avoid any sort of commitments on a school night, me included, it’s a pretty sane way to keep us motivated to solider on through the working hours. We all know how much longer a weekend can feel when we plan the friday night too! Apply this to 3 nights during the week to get the most out of your weekdays, as well as your weekends.

We all need to create a more of a balance when it comes to our life. Hopefully these quick tips will help you refocus and work on your life balance.

Is there anything else I should have covered? Want to know more about some of the points I’ve covered? Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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