Last Bank Holiday, Broken Furniture, Award nominations – Let’s catch up.

Can you believe we are heading into bloody SEPTEMBER as of Sunday? The last bank holiday of the year – besides Christmas of course, has been and gone and the end of summer is nigh.

Are you ready for one of my chatty splurges? Alot has been going on over summer, besides the holidays, so there’s alot for us to catch up on. Not forgetting the bank holiday fun neither! So shall we get started? Grab a cuppa!

psst. If you wanna see my last update which features all the FREE presets I have been using to revamp my instagram, you can read it here.

My FIRST EVER Blog Nomination!

Im starting this with the best news yet. And I still can’t quiet believe that I have been kindly and amazingly been nominated for my FIRST EVER BLOG AWARD in the Amara Interior blog awards!! I have been working so hard on my content as of late, and including more of my passions and lifestyle into everything I produce, so to have it reflected in being nominated is a huge honor.

There are so many great categories, and I have been featured in the Best Interior Lifestyle Blog, along with 21 amazing fellow bloggers.

I’ve already cast my vote in all the other categories, and knowing how proud I am to feature, I love showing my support to all the other great bloggers and influencers that have also been recognised for their hard work, dedication and passion.

So, if you fancy showing me and all the other bloggers featured, the link is just below!

Broken furniture – thanks Ikea

We have been working on our apartment for some time and we seem to be reaching the finish line at rapid speed. We have our new seating area, along with a beautiful, rustic, reclaimed farmhouse table. We also nabbed a new tv unit ready for a huge smart telly – brings me so much excitement for netflix binges! And we have a brand new curved couch – okay it was half a couch for 10 days – But let’s not dwell on the negativity.

The positive here is that now the sofa is finally complete, and the longest lull between payday has passed, we are finally at the detail stage of our space. I will ofcourse be sharing more of the room as we add the final flourishes to our space. Just a shame we had to endure some painstaking mistakes from one of my fav brands!

The last bank holiday fun!

Since last weekend was the last flurry of Summer bank holiday fun, I took an extended break from work and ticked off some local days out we had been oh so eager to do. Including the local town of Arundel on the hot Friday, and Hartfield on the bank holiday Monday.

TV I have been loving

I thought a new section in the catch up would be much appreciated. I love watching telly and always want to share what I have been enjoying – just never find it enough to feature in a standalone post. So here’s what I have been watching – new, old, timeless and favs!

  • *NEW* Handmaids Tale – Season 3 – We are nearly at the end of the latest season and damn its good. Im pretty nervous on how this season will end and I have never rooted for a character as much as I root for June!
  • *NEW* 13 Reasons Why – Season 3 – Only 2 episodes in and not sure If I am feeling it just yet. I will stick with it but I hate to say, I think it’s past it!
  • *NEW* Mindhunter – Season 2 – 6 Episodes in and loving it more than the first. Love the new interviews and feel this series is much more disturbing than the first. Although the orange faces are offputting!
  • *NEW* Peaky Blinders – Season 5 – Tommy I am soooo happy to see you back on my screen! Loving the first 2 episodes and soooo excited to see where it will go. Who else is hating all the wives in the series though!
  • * TRYING AGAIN* Narcos – Season 3 – We loved the series but were gutted when our main boy – Pablo – no longer featured ( don’t wanna spoil anything ). We are so glad we left it a while to get back into because we are now appreciating the last series and the new gang to follow!
  • *REWATCHING* The Office, US – Season 6 – Unpopular opinion the US office is better than the UK. Love re-watching the whole programme and always gets me laughing just before bed!

What have you been watching lately? I need some autumn watch lists for sure!

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