Quirky Ideas : Planning your Wedding Entertainment

There is a lot of pressure for couples to provide fantastic entertainment for guests, besides some music and food. Jhezze it’s almost like they’re demanding teenagers.

Entertaining guests has grown in popularity, and so have the options on what to include day and night for guests to play, use or get involved in. Many couples seek quirky, imaginative and new ways to wow guests during their special day.

Whether you have a Band or a DJ playing during the evening, having something different and unique is a pretty special addition that is well worth considering shoehorning into your budget.

But what can you consider for your special day? Here’s some fab, quirky ideas for Wedding Entertainment.

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Mini Golf

Not that common and a pretty unique but well involved idea is Mini Golf. Having this placed on a law within your venue is a great all day entertainment set suitable for all guests, old and young! Your guests will be coming back again and again to play throughout the day!

There are plenty of companies where you can hire 5 hole mini golf sets for anything between £150-£200.

Bouncy Castle

Arguably one of the most popular ideas when it comes to keeping guests occupied would be a bouncy castle. Despite popular belief that bouncy castles are just for kids, wedding bouncy castles offer fun for all guests. With lots of entertainment companies offering Wedding specific castles for hire.

Skittles , Jenga , Chess.

By this I of course mean classic games, over-sized, to create the perfect playground for guests to play and get competitive. Giant Jenga and Skittles are always a great, safe option to entertain guests between ceremony and wedding breakfast, as well as into the night. Plus they can look super cute in pictures!


Getting personal with this one. A Caricaturist is a great idea to offer guests a unique take-away from your day. Whilst many guests may have had a caricature before, this one will be unique to your wedding day. The caricaturist can work their way round the guests whilst photos are being taken or into the evening music.


Having attended a Wedding that offered magic before the Wedding Breakfast, it offers a great distraction for guests when waiting for food or for photos. With many local magicians offering fantastic acts, it’s a great talking point for many guests and a real intimate entertainment to offer your guests.


If you fancy getting a little James Bond esque – this one might just be for you. A spot of poker or a roulette table is a great alternative to those guests that don’t enjoy dancing or fancy a little gamble. Whether inside or out, a casino element to your reception will add some class to your reception entertaining your guests all through the night.

Flash Mob 

It’s the latest FAD to have a flash mob or singing waiters who burst into song mid reception, surprising your guests and adding some fun to the day. If you want your guests to be completely surprised, this is the way to go!

Dance Lessons – Barn Dance 

I’ve been to a barn dance wedding and its a sure fire way to get the majority of guests on the dance floor, or enjoying everyone else muck up the moves. Whether you’re a dancer or not, you will be dragged onto the dance floor and have fun too. Defiantly something to consider.

Fire Pit

If you’re wanting a rustic evening that will encourage your guests to enjoy the grounds, you can do no better than a fire pit and some hay bales. Super relaxed and a quirky alternative. You could even offer some roasted marshmallows and leave a guitar.

There are sooo many other ideas of entertainment that you can incorporate into your day. Whilst you want to keep your guests entertained, bear in mind how much time with guests actually have to utilize and use the entertainment? There is nothing worse than paying for something, that doesn’t get used!

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