Wedding favours that will wow your guests – you won’t have leftovers!

During the planning process you will be told, by many, that wedding favours are pointless. Useless even. No wants them, many will forget and they are a waste of money. Well, that’s what you are told any way. But like many brides, I wanted a keepsake for my guests. Something they could use, would love and cherish and ultimately wouldn’t be a waste of the budget.

That’s what every bride wants. Well great news brides, there are lots and lots of fantastic favours that will wow guests, and will not be something they will want to leave behind. Ready to get inspired?

Sweet Based / Food


Anything edible is always a winner. There are sooo many couples that choose the food option, and I don’t blame them. It’s something your guests can nibble on in the evening, or a lovely extra for the coffee and tea after the wedding breakfast. Whenever your guests enjoy their treats, you’re sure all guests will leave with theirs.

Here’s some edible ideas:
Fortune Cookies
Home-made Baked Goods (cookies, cupcakes, biscuits)

Tea / Coffee

Sachets of your favourite coffee, real tea or even hot chocolate. It’s a real quirky favour, and again something your guests can take home and enjoy after your wedding.


If you’re a baker, or just enjoy making a scrumptious jam, this is something you might want to consider. Small jars of home-made jam is a real personal touch, plus is something tasty and fresh for your guests to enjoy at home.


‘We’ve tied the knot, so take a shot’.
I know a few brides that have incorporated this into their wedding day and it certainly raises some brows and gets people in the party mood. It’s certainly a fun and ice breaking way to start the wedding breakfast, plus you get to choose you favourite spirit for all guests to neck back.
Not sure this would be a sensible option for those weddings with children involved!


Bottle Openers

I really like this option, as many couples want to give their guests something they will keep and cherish. There is nothing more needed for anyone than a bottle opener. Plus there are so many styles that will incorporate your theme, or even have your names and the date of your wedding engraved. Defiantly a option for those who want to give their guests something different and useful.


Everyone needs a glass during the day, so why not create personalised glasses for your guests during the day and to take home too. Plus, it means guests don’t have the risk of mixing drinks. Whether you choose mason jars with labels, or glasses with vinyl stickers, there’s plenty of options if it’s a option you want to include.


This is a super quirky and perfect if you are a couple who love music. Create a playlist and burn to a CD and give to guests as a soundtrack to your day.
You can even add your aisle music and first dance song to really capture all the music from your day.


‘Let Love Grow’ and all that. This is a really popular alternative wedding favour ideas with many online stores now stocking seed pouches for any theme. Pretty inexpensive and not much prep needed to create these different yet adorable favours.I really love this idea and is perfect for any greenery type wedding!


Pretty similar to the above, but possibly a little more expensive. A cute little succulent to use as not only a favour but also a quirky way to display name tags!

Home made candles 

This was my initial idea as I love candles!! Making your own can mean you choose you own scent, as well as choose their pots. It’s also great fun to do and a bonding session for you and your mum on the lead up to the wedding.

As easy as it seems, it does seem rather time consuming, and patience is one thing that puts me off with this idea. However, Rachael from helpless whilst drying made the most perfect terracotta handmade candles! You can find them here.

If you’re not feeling like making your own, bulk buying candles and printing your own personalised label is always a great alternative. You can pick up small jars of candles, variant in scent, from Ikea for just 85p.

With so many wacky and unique ideas for wedding favours, there really is something for every budget, theme and interest. Of course, these ideas can be bought ready to go, or homemade. My top tip would to not be too ambitious. Creating 100 off homemade cookies days before the wedding might just be the stress you’re not after!

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