Wedding Trends : Dressing your chairs

As with all parts of wedding planning and wedding decor, it’s all about the finer ofter smaller details. And whilst there certainly was a time where a chair was just a chair, it’s now more of an opportunity to dress and implement further your theme / style.

As you are now edging towards the exciting, planning, pinning stage of wedding decor, now is a great time to analyse the chairs all your guests will be using. And whilst you might not have even thought of dressing them up in any way, I can guarantee these simple details will totally change your mind.

Don’t worry it doesn’t have to be expensive.

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It’s the most popular way to decorate any chair, and the simplest too. It even allows you to pop some colour into your wedding venue with little to no effort. Whether you choose chulle or fabric, adding a simple sash to your wedding chair could be the detail that will transform your space.

Foliage / Flowers

You can never have too many flowers or foliage in a wedding, so why not use a chair to add some more into your venue? If you fancy adding a little more detail to that fabric accent or sash, add some stunning flowers or foliage that suits your wedding theme. These can be simply applied and will create a real classiness to your chair details.

Dressing and decorating your wedding chairs will most certainly add some detail to your wedding venue. It doesn’t have to be expensive and can even be done to every other chair to cut down costs. We, last minute, had our chairs decorated with ivory fabric, ivy and a white rose. This perfectly accented the ceremony area and looked equally beautiful in the marquee later in the day.

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