Gorgeous, Inspiring Dark Kitchens – How to embrace the new trend

You’ll know how much I loveeeeee discovering a new home decor trend that is set to stay. And it’s safe to announce, the bland and pretty safe white and marble kitchens have been kicked to the sideline. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with those, but it’s time for us all to get a little more adventurous when it comes to our home!

It’s never been more on trend to have a dark kitchen than now. Dark cabinets, with contrasting counters is a Kitchen trend that is hitting hard. They are stylish, smart looking and modern. And I honestly can’t understand why it can’t be shoehorned into any home, whatever the style!

Whether you opt for black, navy, grey or dark green, there are plenty of colour palettes, and inspiration, to be found if thinking of updating your kitchen to suit this sleek, modern trend. Since we have introduced dark grey hues into our open plan living space ( which includes our lounge, kitchen and dining space ), I have never been more keen to adopt a dark kitchen.

It’s all in the colour

When it comes to taking your kitchen to the dark side, it’s all about the colour you choose. If you’re re-modelling your kitchen, you have free reign to introduce a more modern, but classic twist. But there are still somethings you need to bare in mind when looking to have a dark kitchen, and the colour to choose.

  • Look at the natural light in your space. If it’s flooded in light, you could adopt dark grey or even black, top & bottom cupboards.
  • Consider the rest of your home. If you have a fairly classic home, a black ultra modern kitchen will feel out of place. You’d really want a royal blue, rather traditional type.

If you are are looking to re-paint your kitchen, you have various other things to consider, beside those above.

  • Worksurfaces. Whatever colour you choose, you need to make sure it’s going to match well with your already in place work surface. Be sure to do lots of swatches and take them home. Placing them inside your kitchen within the light will help you decide.
  • Flooring. Just like your worksurfaces, you need to consider your flooring too. Make sure the colour you opt for compliments your flooring and isn’t going to create a unsightly clash!

Being dark – but not too dark

Of course, there are kitchens that just wouldn’t fair well being dark. Small, pokey spaces spring to mind. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace dark cupboards. Why not consider using dark colours on the low levels areas, and adopting bright tones up above. Getting rid of closed cupboards, using open shelving, or including light coloured cupboards can help a small, dark kitchen, embrace the new trend.

Mix and match textures

You tend to hear many interior enthusiasts gasp with joy when a space has many different textures. And there’s good reason. Any space that varies materials, furnishings and texture offers space that isn’t pops. Using all the same colours and materials can quickly make any space feel bland, boring and flat. It’s the same for your kitchen. The best dark kitchen spaces incorporate multiple tones ( light and dark ) and different materials / textures ( smooth surface / rough brickwork ).

The dark kitchen is certainly a trend here to stay. And being a bit more bold in the kitchen might just be what you home ordered. It’s never been easier to transform your kitchen on a budget, including painting cupboards and wrapping surfaces.

Are you a lover of a dark kitchen? Is it something you would be willing to transform in your home? As always, leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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