Current Bathroom trends : What to consider in your own home

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UK Bathrooms aren’t an area that many people tend to think about when it comes to home decor and home interior – a real afterthought as you will. I’m not 100% sure why, but it’s often perceived it’s not a vital part of the home – just a place to shower and wee!

And yet I will always urge people to consider the colours and style they implement into their bathroom / toilet / en-suite space. The impact a well designed bathroom space can be hugely positive across any home, if pulled off well.

So what makes a great interior design when it comes to a bathroom space? What current bathroom trend should you be looking to implement into your home?

Here’s some stunning, current, bathroom interior trends to use in your own bathroom space.

Bold tiling

Tiling seems to really have taken a hold in the home, and more so for being a statement within a bathroom. Whether it’s geographical design, contrasting colours or a mix of prints and designs, it’s never been more on trend to be bold and daring when it comes to tiling.

Even if you’re looking at your small en-suite or expansive master bathroom, bold tiling on the walls or floor will be a perfect trend to incorporate into your space.

Statement colours

Bathrooms can often feel run of the mill. Blues are often associated to the space and many don’t venture from the realm of nautical. Adding additional colour, or looking to a different colour palette altogether is great way to snazz up your space to the current bathroom trend.

Round Mirrors

Of course, round mirrors across the whole home is bang on trend including our bathrooms. In a room which can be full of harsh lines, round mirrors can certainly add some softness to the space, and suit any current decor in your bathroom. If there’s a quick way you want to modernise your bathroom, swap your mirror for a circular one.

Gold Accents

Whatever the colour scheme, new tile colour or bold tiling you incorporate into your new bathroom, this latest trend will fit right in. Gold accents. A gorgeous accompaniment that could really make your bathroom pop, especially against what could be harsh colours like deep blue and rich green. If you’re not keen to buy new, consider spray painting the accents you do have to quickly update the look of your bathroom.

Bathrooms should be just as important, and styled as the rest of your home. With these stunning, modern bathroom trends, there’s lots that can be improved in your bathroom to make it a feature in your home.

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