Patterned tiles to make your space POP!

Whilst I scroll Pinterest and Instagram, I am forever wishing I could squeeze some stunning graphic tiles of some kind into our home space. Home interior trends are always evolving, and often referring to classic looks and styles to influence modern spaces. Graphic tiles falls into that category and rather nicely, finding their way proudly back into our homes once again.

The best bit – it will go in any room and any space, if styled correctly of course. So, unless you’ve just bought new flooring, or freshly tiled your bathroom / kitchen, there really is no reason not to consider some graphic tiles in your space next!

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Floor Tiling

It may be a little more expensive than your standard laminate, but it’s hard wearing and well worth the extra expenditure. Being durable and waterproof it of course makes the perfect flooring for hallways, kitchens, utility spaces and bathrooms. But, they can be used in non-moisture based areas of course. But this tends to require clever styling of furnishings and the space.

Contray to belief graphic, patterned and geometric tiling only suits period properties, modern styling and twists is throwing that idea in the bin. Using graphic tiling or even vinyl flooring in small intimate spaces like entrance halls, downstairs loos and even cupboards can incorporate pattern and interest in what could be a small, pokey and rather boring space.

Really consider the accompanying colour palette you will be using with the bold flooring. Choosing a colour that contrasts the pattern is a great way to draw attention to the flooring as well as make it feel much much bigger than it is.

Also think about the items of furniture placed on it too. Bold prints on flooring will make a space look and feel busy. If your’s already has lots of furniture within the space, consider how cluttered a busy print may make it look.

Using bold patterned flooring in large open spaces require furniture with legs to keep the space looking and feeling clutter free, as well as open.

Wall tiling

Wall tiling is naturally restricted to certain areas and spaces within the home, so can be a little more difficult to incorporate. But, if looking for a revamp or overhaul of en-suite, bathroom or kitchen, I would really recommend considering graphic, or bold tiling into the space. If used well, contrasting tiling can really transform a space from a mundane, bland boring one, to an interesting, interior interest in your home.

Creating a feature wall of tiling, whether its a bold contrasting colour, or a different pattern altogether is a great idea to use in a bathroom over / in a shower area.

Kitchens are a little more restrictive, but graphic tiling could be used all over the kitchen or restrained to over the hob if wanting the contrasting effect.

Bold patterned tiling is on trend and set to stay dominant in our homes for years to come. When considering new flooring or tiling in your home, dare to be bold and incorporate some pattern into your home. If styled and used in the right spaces, it will utterly transform your space into a interior design haven. Will you be daring with bold pattered tiling any time soon?

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