Must Visit English Castles

Are you even British if you don’t love a good wander and exploration of a classic English Castle. They are often full of secrets and history of our countries past and make a great Sunday stroll.

Yes, exploring every nook and cranny of a real castle is a real British activity, and one I try to do often as possible. Luckily for me, I’ve been so fortunate to visit some stunning castles packed with true charm ( I even live near one ) . The South East is littered with grand castles and even ruins of many hundreds of years old.

So, I’ve collated some must visit English Castles to wet your appetite when it comes to medieval turrets and grandeur.

Hever Castle

Last year we headed to a true gem when it comes to castles – Hever. Being Ann Boleyn’s childhood home, it has everything you expect from a real British Castle. Stunning, vast gardens, grand bedrooms and dining halls and lakes fit for any Princess to row across.

Arundel Castle

You’ve probably seen the whole post, but encase you haven’t, there’s lots to explore and uncover at Arundel.
Nestled in a beautiful and rather rural part of Sussex, Arundel is perfectly perched atop a steep hill. With glorious gardens and spectacular stately halls and rooms to wander, as well as a whole town surrounding the castle walls. Arundel makes the perfect day out and is certainly a castle not to be missed.

Warwick Castle

A castle that was high on my list to visit and I finally managed to explored this year. It is drowning in rich history, making it a perfect castle for old and young. Stately rooms, medieval history, far reaching views and even dungeons to be scared and panicked – Warwick Castle is my favorite castle I have visited in the UK.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam is unlike the other castles, as it is pretty much derelict. With many of the internal walls gone, Bodiam is just a shell. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a castle worth visiting. With stunning grounds and far reaching views from the remaining turrets, Bodiam makes a great Afternoon location – and even better if you take a picnic. ps. It has the BEST moat I have ever seen and well worth the visit.

These are just a few of the glorious castles that can be found across the British countryside and in my opinion, some of the best ones to visit. All are great for young and old visitors and many have some stunning gardens that you can visit without having to enter the castle.

As always, leave your thoughts below, as well as castles you think I should visit next!

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