Dark Podcasts to listen to. Especially if you love Mindhunter!

It’s only recently, after my distaste to radio, that I have slipped back into listening podcasts once again. And whilst I do like to subscribe to the inspirational and informative, I do also love to invest in real crime. There seems to be lots of us that love the likes of Mindhunter and Ted Bundy Confessions tapes – uncovering the story behind some of the most prolific serial killers in modern history.

During my commute to and from work, and my annoyance at hearing the same 6 pop songs on repeat via the radio, I have taken to podcasts to keep me entertained. And honestly, it’s my fav part of the day – I’m hooked!

With so many free shows to listen too, as well as a backdate of previous episodes, Podcasts are becoming a very popular way to catch up on hobbies, news and popular culture topics – including true crime!

And after falling back in the worm hole of Podcasts, I thought I’d share the best from across the web, to listen too, especially if you like the Netflix series, Mindhunter.


This by far is my favorite true crime, murder mystery podcast, uncovering popular serial killers, as well as those incidents you may have never heard of before. It’s really in-depth and straight to the point. There’s no thrills here, just the true, fact riddled story of some of the most horrifying murders ever.

Cold Case files

This **used** to be my fav, but unfortunately it’s no longer available on Apple podcasts and so not one that I listen to often. Having said that, this was one of the first favs in my podcast app for once again it’s real, brutally honest and true look on cold case files.

Unsolved Murders : True Crime Series

This one is certainly a little different to the previous two as it features dramatization as well as narration from not one but two hosts. It feels much more like a ‘show’ than just a script of a story. I find this one really immersive, so if you do need more thrills, sound effects and detail, this one might just be for you.

As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on just unsolved murders from across the world.

Serial Killers

Serial Killers podcast offers more of a physiological aspect on true-crime. Delving into the person behind serial murders, this is pretty different from most of the other true-crime serial killer podcasts out there. I’ve listened to a fair few episodes and when wanting to know more scientific knowledge when it comes to true crime.

Sword and Scale

This is a new edition in my podcast library and yet it’s one I’ve grown fond of pretty quickly. Sword and Scale has a fresh take, and modern look on telling true crime stories. It’s immersive and offers a real experience when covering dark stories. Unlike my fav Casefile, it includes real audio where possible and looks into modern casefiles as well as historic ones too. The host has been a little controversial, but overall, I enjoy his personal aspect when it comes to discussing crime. Tip : Go from the first ever episode.

I have really fallen back in love with podcasts. As someone who dislikes doing nothing, even when doing something ( like commuting ), podcasts fill the void. Having such podcasts that intrigue and inform me is even better! Mindhunter is one of my fav Netflix shows so to find podcasts that touch on that topic has transformed my podcast library.
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