2019 Christmas Decoration Trends

As we stare at 4 weeks till Christmas day *gulp*, now is about the right time to consider putting up your Christmas decorations. I’m not sorry to say that any earlier and well, it’s just ridiculous.

As with every year, we have a new flurry of decorations and trends to consider. And if you’re anything like me, I do love to add, alter and sometimes completely make over my Christmas tree and home deccys.

But what trends are worth the complete overhaul? What will tip your home into modern Christmas living this year?

Well, I have all the trends to consider, whatever decor your home includes.


It’s no surprise that even in the midst of Christmas, Grey is stilling pulling out on top. And thanks to the huge love for Grey, this year has lots to offer to create a gorgeous grey Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be bleak though, breaking it up with white and silver accents to create a stunning colour scheme fit for Mrs Hinch’s abode.

Woodland Creatures – Natural

There’s no denying EVERY decoration aisle seems to carry this super adorable, cute and pretty easy trend this year. Whether you opt for the dainty creatures to adorn your tree, or take the more natural but rustic approach, this tree trend is a gorgeous one to consider this Christmas.

Traditional – Red, Gold & Green

This is no way a ‘new’ trend, just much rather the traditional type that you may want to consider this year if you don’t already. I LOVE this traditional approach and its bound to suit any home, any taste, any Chritsmas. With glorious deep reds, rich greens and vibrant golds, this is a theme that will offer depth and the ultimate festive feel.

Midnight Blue, Gold & White.

The new kid on the block has to be the midnight Blue effect. I LOVE the combination of classic gold with deep, pure blue. With plenty of highstreet and online store adapting the gorgeous colour, there are plenty of decorations to grab if you want to have this trend yourself.

If you don’t want tooo much blue, it would make a lovely accent to white and silver decorations.

Soft and Fluffy

This certainly a trend we will see all across Instagram this year and for good reason. Cute, fluffy and almost snow like, this trend is one to consider if wanting a more cosy Christmas.

If I could be adopting any trend this year I would love to have a truly fluffy, magical tree.

Gold on Gold

Feel like keeping it classic and neutral? Do it GOLD Style. There is nothing more classic than gold trees and if you’re not dead set on what accompanying colour to incirporate, don’t bother. These gorgeous decorations are enough on their own and will create a stunning simple gold tree.

There are so many stunning decorations and trends to be had this festive season, that believe it or not, this small selection is just that, a small selection.

What will you be decorating your tree like this Christmas? What trend have you fallen in love with? As always share your thoughts below.

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