Alcotraz Penitentiary: A night out in Brighton*

*AD: This was a gifted experience*

Life is all about experiences. In every aspect we just all want to have fun and enjoy something different – if only for a good new instagram pic. And this has never been more obvious than by the new, exciting experiences raising their heads in our nearest cities.

Brighton. It’s my nearest city and one, that for many, holds fond memories of walks along the beach, shopping in churchill square and eventful nights in the local bars and clubs. But if you think you’ve seen it all in this vibrant city, you are mistaken. You’ve seen nothing until you head to Alcotraz!

The rather controversial, BYO Cocktail experience has been a huge hit in London, it’s made it way down south and right beside the seaside. The speakeasy prison bar is a huge edition to the Brighton night out scene and I got my very own sneak preview!

‘Back’s against the wall’

Immersive is the key word for this experience as you are lunged, pretty quickly, into the thrilling action of Alcotraz. Your mission : To smuggle in your very own liquor without arising suspicion from the warden, so canteen workers can sneakily make us bespoke cocktails for the duration of our 2-hour sentence.

Upon arrival, you are ordered to wear orange boiler suits and offered a bible which is more commonly used as a licqor smuggling device. You may even be offered a pillow orrrr towel. It’s the down to the cell block which is right out of Shawshank redemption. It’s dimly lit and offers a bench, some stools and even a toilet for you and your inmates to perch on whilst you await your fate.

‘Just say it’s soup’

As the evening progresses, there are plenty of photo opportunities, sketches and interactions with the guards and warden. Your personal canteen worker takes the time to get to know your drink preferences and with no menu, concocts delicious cocktails based on your personal preference and the smuggled alcohol you hide in the cooking pot.

We certainly ended up a little tipsy, and both me and my sister were often commenting on how its the best night out we’ve had in ages! The cocktails we were made included elder flower pornstar martini’s and mojitos! There wasn’t a single drink we didn’t enjoy!

A great addition to Brighton’s nightlife scene

Overall, Alcotraz offers a fantastic alternative to your normal cocktail bar. Whether you head there with a couple of friends, or a larger group, Alcotraz Brighton will immerse you into the world of classic american prision life. Alcotraz would make the perfect birthday celebration and even a hen / stag experience!

Experiences can be booked individually, or the venue offers private hire if you’re planning a party. To book your place to smuggle your own liquor into Alcotraz, visit Fizzbox.

Who will be booking their place?

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