citizenM Boston : A Review

You know when you return home from a trip, of which you never wanted to leave, and instantly look at returning dates, that’s what our recent city break to Boston did to us.

Our most recent trip took us to the US City of Boston. My husband turned 30 this year, and we decided to celebrate in the city he always wanted to visit, and watch the team he’s always supported – The Boston Celtics. As with most of our trips, we planned and booked just 8 weeks out, but we managed to find a brand new hotel that worked perfectly for our trip, and the city we were exploring.

Citizen M

We were instantly attracted to the look of this hotel. It was located on top of TD Garden itself (where the Boston Celtics played ) and posed a great location for us and everything we wanted to do in the city. The rooms and decor of the whole hotel looked modern, simplistic and honestly, right up our street.

We booked without even looking at reviews, and it turns out, there were no reviews since it didn’t open until a couple of weeks before our trip.

Our stay

We had 4 nights and 4 days in the city. After landing at 7 pm, and an exhaustive 2 hour wait for baggage, we finally arrived to our hotel at around 10pm.
24 Hours before our stay, we received an email welcoming us to check in early to our hotel. This was super handy, easy and made our arrival at the hotel the quickest we have ever experienced. Within 2 minutes we had our room key and were in the lift to our room.

The Rooms

When it comes to a city break, we really aren’t that fussy with rooms. What matters to us, and what only should matter when exploring a city is comfort, cleanliness and location. As mentioned this was a perfect location for us, and as long as the bed was comfy and the room clean, we would be hunky dory. And yet, we were blown away from the room.

Whilst it could be argued the rooms are a little small, for a pair of brits who would spend all day in the city and nearly every evening at a sport game or out for dinner, they were perfect. And with nifty storage ( under bed draws that were huge ), we had plenty of space to unpack and feel at home.

The shower imposed in the room and, and the oversized bed put you right on side of that picture perfect city view! There were lots of clever tech additions too. A in room ipad controlled everything in the room including temperature, mood lighting, blinds, tv, music and more. Your TV even comes equipped with new released films, of which you can watch 2 free a day! ( We watched the new Aladdin when we were jet lagged! ).

The Verdict

We had a fantastic time in Boston, and that includes this hotel. We couldn’t recommend it enough! Everything about the hotel made it feel like home away from home. On our last day before our returning night flight home, we lazed and chilled in the lounge of the hotel. It was so comfy with gorgeous furniture, real fires and super helpful staff – we have never been so relaxed before heading to the airport.

We were so blown away with the feel and comfort of the hotel, we are looking at just going wherever they have a hotel next! If you are looking to head to Boston any time soon, consider citizenM hotel above all else. Just a 10 min walk to Quincy market and just 15min from the airport!

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