2019 Taught me…Growth

Some would say every year has taught them something significant, meaningful, life changing. And whilst most years have done that on some level, 2019 certainly has been a year that I have personally grown in areas that I didn’t think I needed too.

And yet as a whole, 2019 really hasn’t been a year for much. No weddings, no new houses, no huge news, significant change or upcoming baby as many expected would be the case now me and my husband are in fact man and wife.

Instead, we have taken every month as it comes, every weekend as its own and just plodded along in every day, married bliss. A few holidays here and there, some birthdays to celebrate and some lessons along the way.

At the start of 2019, I vowed it was the year I was really going to knuckle down, ace this blogging thing I had been dabbling in for nearing 7 years, and be ‘successful’ via the means everyone else does – youtube.

Instead, 2019 has taught me, and more significantly been about finding my own voice – my own path – and growth in how I am becoming successful myself. I thought, rather naively that I needed to push my ideal topics aside and just swallow the pill of what everyone else did, became successful with and what everyone else likes to engage with – beauty and fashion. Funnily enough, after a few short weeks into 2019, my blogging hype was an all time low and I really didn’t want to be creating.

I slipped back into my old ways of producing what I wanted. Only this time, I was implementing some much needed practices like SEO, Pinterest pins and much more. And it was working. I was loving my blog, the content I was creating and the passion has re-ignited. I wasn’t writing that post for anyone but me.

Whilst this hasn’t been a year of blinding collabs, extensive celebrity status or a win on the lottery, I managed to get nominated and shortlisted for my first proper blog award. As well as launch my very own home interior digital magazine. Yes, this year I have certainly achieved things I didn’t even pencil in .

With the turn of a new decade, most of us will look to the new one for more opportunity. Whether it’s buying a property, getting married, starting a family, changing career, finishing education, or just completing that PS4 game ( totally on my to do list for 2020 ), embrace it.

Enjoy it. Don’t pressure yourself, but push yourself all at the same time.

Every year is a new chance to learn more. Achieve. Succeed. Over the last 10 years I have grown hugely, and I can’t wait to learn more in 2020 and the next decade. 2019 taught me growth and I can’t wait for more of it in this new year, in this decade!

What did 2019 teach you?
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