2020 : The year to holiday in the UK

I am a holiday addict. Some say travelling, but when you head off on a holiday to a resort or a tourist ridden country for 10 days in summer, its nothing but a holiday.

And there’s not many people that I know that don’t like a trip, or several, across the year to experience / holiday / relax / unwind / explore.

With Greta preaching us all, global warming hitting hard, and holiday prices pretty expensive, 2020 is the best year to consider a holiday in the UK! It’s greener, easier and often cheaper. Plus, its a great time to explore and experience some of the beautiful scenery right on your doorstep.

But why would you want to stay in the UK when there are beautiful places worldwide?

Whilst you’re not all going to cancel your trip abroad, perhaps the below lists of fairly straight forward reasonings might just give you the nudge to think twice about jumping on a plane for your summer trip. Our little island has some cracking features, and if you’re looking for a reason to save a little cash this year, scaling back that summer holiday might just be the answer.

Here’s just some of the many many reasons why you should holiday in the UK in 2020, and the reasons why so many tourists ( even Americans ) head to the UK for a holiday. If its good for the yanks, it good for us, right?

The weather can be bloody toasty

Unfortunately we are all too aware the globe is heating up, and if the last 2 years is anything to go by, we brits have been having some pretty scorching weather, especially during Spring / Summer. That of course gives us more reason to stick around – my hubby often asks why, when its heating up at home, many of us brits head off elsewhere for much of the same weather – strange isn’t it.

Stick around, enjoy the heat and sunshine and explore home, or further afield in your own country.

Multi-Cultural Cities

Many of us ( me included ) head on long-haul city breaks often, and yet our very own British Cities have lots, if not more to offer. Beautiful architecture, historic sites and landmarks, bustling nightlife and so so much more. Consider exploring a UK City before booking that further afield one.

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National Trust & English Heritage Sites

We are so lucky with hundreds of beautiful, historic sites, grounds and castles to visit. And lucky that the likes of National Trust and English Heritage offer memberships for a reasonable price. You could have a whole years worth of exploring for the price of one holiday!

Personal highlights include Stone Henge and Heaver Castle ( I am a sucker for a castle – true brit ).

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We have some cracking Beaches

Yes, whilst not every beach has endless golden sands ( Brighton, my local, certainly does not ), there are plenty of sandy UK beaches and coastlines that make up for it. And honestly, even the pebble ones are really rather pretty. Plus, we have the traditional pier which features arcades, ice cream vans and of course fish and chip shops – you don’t get that in Barbados!

Its home!

I feel it can be pretty shameful not to have experienced and explored your own home country and yet have many others. We should be proud of our historically rich island, and certainly relish in the amount it has to offer. Being a tourist in your own country has soo many perks I would be here forever, but when there’s a long car journey, no currency exchange needed, no worry for roaming charges and the same tv available wherever you go, there really are so many reasons to pick a trip in the UK over abroad this year.

Will you be staying in the UK for your exploring? Have I urged you to consider closer afield this summer? Let me know, and share your uk destinations in the comment section below.

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