Get productive in 2020 : Creating a office nook in any home

Make 2020 the year that you ace your working from home game, with a little help from the space you do it from.

It’s a little known fact that the environment you are within can have a huge impact on your productivity. And when conquering the world in 2020, you need somewhere that will help aid that productivity and even spur it on.

Having a space to spread the paperwork, fill with half mugs of coffee and of course doodle, jot down and make headway on your projects is worth more than you may realise.

Having somewhere you associate with work will help your mental attitude immensely when needing to settle down and get the job done.

But what makes the perfect work space? And how do you shoehorn that into your home if you haven’t already?

Whilst having a dedicated room would be ideal ( and I certainly envy those who are able too ), there are some spaces you may not have considered where you can sneak in a usable and efficient work space.

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Dining table spread

Lots of us, me included, have a lot of space that can be made and used on a dining table. This, of course has it’s downsides when dinner is due or your work takes over several evenings not just one.

But, if it’s your only choice, make it work for you.

Including some office storage in close proximity to your dining table, and charging options for laprops and those alike is a great addition. Using a cupboard in your sideboard will offer the storage space without sticking out like office wear in a dining space.

Utilizing your spare room

Of course, if you have the space, or a spare room without much purpose, creating a home office within it is the ticket. Whether you dedicate the whole room, or just a corner, a separate room to nestle down and work in certainly takes you away from other distractions like a telly or even cooking.

Not sure how to decorate it? Check this post out.

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Sneak it behind the couch

If you’re not lucky enough to have a spare room lying about your home, don’t panic, you can still incorporate a nifty workspace in the rooms you do have. With space saving furniture available from some of the high street brands, it’s never been easier to shoehorn a small, delicate desk to work from into your lounge – even if you don’t think you have the space.

Slimline ladder desks are a great idea when wanting to create a office nook, but low on space for a huge expanding desk. It also handily offers shelving and storage too.

Squeeze it in the hall

Whilst some homes are lucky to even have a hallway, sometimes they can be a great nook to place a desk and the shared computer. Whilst an expansive desk, numerous filing cabinets and endless storage is desired, it’s not needed and a hallway ladder desk might be the best option for your home.

It’s always a good idea to have a work space out of the way from distraction, and if you feel the dining table or a corner in your lounge won’t offer the peace and quiet you need, this might be your best option.

There really isn’t an excuse when it comes to shoehorning in an office nook in any home. It’s whether you need to, and how you work. If you struggle with distractions, or eager for a place to really spread out the paperwork, really consider a true office nook.

Decorate accordingly, play with textures and interest, and your creative and productive juices will be flowing in no time.

Do you have an office space in your home? Will 2020 be the year you give yourself a real space to conquer productivity? Get sharing in the comment section below.

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