How I will be keeping myself motivated and on track for 2020

I seem to kick off every new year motivated, driven and determined to kick arse. And yet, around March time, I slack off in some Spring slumber and re-arise in December wondering why in hell I didn’t achieve what I wanted – strange that. Being this year is the start of a new decade, I am more determined than ever to kick my habits and keep on the straight and narrow to gain success.

But how am I doing it? What am I going to do to keep my motivation from lacking mid year? Stick around to learn my methods for 2020.

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Make Lists not Goals / Targets

I really hate goals, targets and resolutions as such. I find we can be too optimistic and then get down trod when we don’t achieve or succeed. I much prefer working backwards and creating lists from my ideal. We’d ideally love to win the lottery, but you need to buy a ticket first.

Breaking down a goal into monthly / weekly or daily to-do points can feel much more achievable and attainable and don’t hold that ‘I didn’t achieve it‘ risk.

For Example:
I want to work with more businesses than ever, but having that as an overall goal can feel un-achievable or very black and white.
Instead, I have broken this goal down into daily / monthly to do’s.
One of these is to email 20 businesses every month, breaking that down to 5 a week. I know the more emails I send, and businesses I introduce myself to, the higher opportunity of working with more businesses throughout the year. Instead of having a goal I’m not certain to achieve, having a set of tasks to complete will help me feel like I am achieving as well as working towards my ultimate goal!

Reward Myself – Acknowledge Achievements

When working for yourself, and that means in anything ( fitness, hobbies, business ), it’s really easy to make headway and not acknowledge it. You are so focused on your next thing, you’re not paying attention to the success you have had.

Finally ran for 30 mins without needing to stop ? Reward yourself! Got a reply from a pitch email? Reward yourself! Walked to work this week? Reward yourself!

Whilst you don’t have to do anything drastic, major or even spend any money, patting yourself on the back and recognizing your achievement can be a huge spur to continue and power on. Buy some flowers, have a night off, run a bath with a bath bomb – however you do it recognise it as your ‘bonus’ for kicking arse!

Slow and Steady

It’s really easy to expect results immediately , and be disheartened when you don’t get them like yesterday. I am certainly retaining the slow and steady mantra this year, reminding myself that not all tasks have visible effects and it’s part of a wider journey. Steadily making our way towards our end goal is worth it and often reaps better rewards.

Stop the comparing

Its only when you stop looking over the fence, comparing yourself to others that you find your own rhythm and start appreciating everything you are achieving. As with all the previous points, everyone has their own way of doing things, but it’s not about copying, matching, competing. Learn from each other but learn from yourself too. Once you quit comparing yourself, you’ll find yourself in a much better place to succeed yourself.

I am so excited for a new decade, a new year to whip into shape. Every new beginning has a new opportunity to try something different, or give it a go.

Will you be keeping on the straight and narrow with some of these tips? Anything I should add to my 2020 kicking arse guide? Be sure to share your tips to me and others in the comment section below.

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