Refreshing paint colours you will want to incorporate into your home in 2020.

With a new year comes a new wave of trends, fashion and inspiration to consider when looking to update and refresh your home. And most of us do like to keep our home up to date and on trend as possible.

Of course this doesn’t mean repainting your whole house every year, but it can mean ditching some colours and incorporating a new palette using soft furnishings and final touches.

But what is on trend for 2020? What will we be seeing across the ‘gram, in our favorite homes and in interior stores across the UK?

Here’s some insight for the hottest palettes to hit the home interior scene in 2020 and what you should consider.
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Soft pastel natural tones

2020 is the year that soft pastel tones are back on trend. Following a long spell of dark rich tones, a bright natural palette may just be the change you are looking for. But don’t panic if you have heavy rich paints in your home, using this palette in your soft furnishings can lift the space into the 2020 trend.

The soft greens are a perfect shade to contrast previously dark palettes and will often create a more polished but defined look.

One thing I have noted is mixing and combining similar shades in one space can really add some depth and something we will see a lot in 2020. Having multiple, similar shades, used to feel clustered and jumbled, if correctly executed and combined well, it can really change the dynamic of your home.

Neutral Clay

Is the perfect warming colour to use in your home in 2020. With its versatility, it can be used in any space and combined with any colours you may already be keen to keep and use.

What I love most about this colour is that it can be as femine or masculine as desired. Pairing with rich blues or deep greys are perfect way to make it masculine. If you’re after a femminin touch, use light pinks and rich peach colours.

Deep Plum

Is a new, rich colour to incorporate into a home in 2020. It’s especially versatile and can be used in any space – although the dark, rich tone, make it a perfect colour for a snug lounge or bedroom.

Again, it’s a easy colour to combine with already purchased shades like grey. If wanting to create a whole new colour palette, consider pairing with soft pinks for a edgy, modern tone.

Rich Blue

Isn’t just a colour for a bathroom. Oh no. Rich, deep blues are perfect for a home that’s been lacking a little colour thanks to the Grey trend. Much like all the other colours, in can easily be incorporated into your current colour scheme, and feature as a standalone wall, or a overhaul of the dominant shade.

Really consider the size of your space and the light it receives when looking to use this colour though. Only certain rooms will be able to carry it throughout.

The 2020 colour palette looks to spring some bold and daring schemes, as well as subtle and muted tones too. It’s never been more popular to have a continuous colour scheme throughout your home, carrying bold, deep shades into the spaces that crave it.

What will you be incorporating into your home in 2020? What’s your favourite shade I’ve picked out? As always, share your thoughts in the comment section below.