Secret Cinema Stranger Things : What is it?

I have waited a good month or so to post this one, since I wanted to offer a full review, but didn’t want to spoil it for anyone else who might be heading there themselves. But since last weekend was the final weekend, I can now reveal the full awesomness that was the Stranger Things Secret Cinema experience.
Whilst you of course can’t head to the Stranger Things experience anymore, this review should urge you to try a Secret Cinema experience for yourself, especially if you like the world / movie / series they adapt and embrace.

I had never heard of Secret Cinema before. But after watching a few youtube videos, and hearing the announcement of the Stranger Things event, I knew I had to experience it myself.

If you’re expecting images from inside the event, no luck here. Your phones are locked in security tagged pockets so no-one in the entire event has access to phones, keeping the whole experience secret from the outside world. I love this and it means no one is wasting their time instagramming / texting. You’re all just in the moment.

So what is a Secret Cinema Event?

The great thing about Secret Cinema is that every event is different. They take different approaches and no given one is the same. The Stranger Things was the first time they had adopted a series and damn, it worked. Upon arrival, you were completely immersed into the world. The attention to detail was so extreme that even as someone who can be a lil cringed around acting ( The London Dungeons, Panto, you get the jist ), it’s hard not to get hella involved.

Depending on the film / series its based upon depends on what you do. But you tend to see actors from the films / series re-enacting key parts of the film / series, whilst you, a cast extra, have your own agenda throughout the experience.

In Stranger Things, we had a story to follow, with clues to be unearthed by finding, chatting and mingling with cast members, and fellow attendees. We managed to find and engage with Hopper, Eleven, Max, Steve, Nancy and Alexi.

Through unearthing codewords and getting to the right places at the right time, we managed to watch key scenes from the third series including inside Hoppers cabin and Alexi’s terrible fate *cry face*.

Are there sets?

Pretty much. The Stranger Things event was in a hugeeee warehouse with various ‘sets’ including the Starcourt mall ( featuring scoops and the arcade ), as well Hawkins Highstreet, the 4th July Fair and Hoppers Cabin. There were various ‘secret’ sets too that you could only get into from progressing in your ‘quest’ and being at the right place at the right time.

Do you have to get involved?

I mean you could just wander, eat food and get merry but where’s the fun in that? Again, speaking of this experience alone, you really should get involved to take advantage of the whole event. Having said that, you could just wander and watch parts unfold around you if you so wish.

Where is it?

Well, that would be telling. But in London typically. Stranger Things was super easy to get to being very close to a tube station.

Would you go again?

Abso-fricking-lutely. We had such a fantastic time, we’ve already booked onto their summer event – Dirty Dancing. I don’t know what to expect from that one, but If it’s anything like Stranger Things, I will have the time of my life!

I would hugely recommend Secret Cinema. In a world where new experiences are hard to come by, Secret Cinema immerses you into a completely new world. You can have a look at their previous worlds, and videos of their previous experiences on their website – .

Will you be looking to go? Did you go? Have I missed something you’d want to know? As always, let me know in the comment section below.